Your mouth is a tiger, Rizky Billar is now reaping the consequences, the actor’s cheek was slapped by Lesty Kejora who was angry with his words, what’s wrong?

image.ID – Looks like Lesty Kejora can no longer contain her anger at Rizky Billar.

Constantly teased by her future husband, Rizky Billar, Lesty Kejora is also hot.

Without further ado, Lesty Kejora’s hand landed gently on Rizky Billar’s cheek.

The future husband gave up when Lesty Kejora slapped his face.

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Yes, as long as people know the figure of Lesty Kejora with the image of a gentle woman.

Not once in her career has Lesty Kejora been reported as being lopsided because of her temper.

But recently, Lesty Kejora surprised netizens by slapping Rizky Billar in front of the camera.

Not only that, when her future husband was slapped, Lesty Kejora also shed tears.

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Launching Tribun Wow, Lesty Kejora’s frustration spilled over at Rizky Billar’s YouTube show, last Tuesday (4/8/2021).

In the show, Lesty Kejora was seen weeping in the arms of Rizky Billar.

Tears rolled down Lesty Kejora’s cheeks.

Investigating the calibration, Lesty Kejora cried because of netizens’ scathing comments to her.

Rizky Billar told that there were people who had the heart to insinuate his future wife.

The satire is quite cruel, Lesty Kejora is said to be unable to buy a car despite his brilliant achievements everywhere.

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“Where’s your car, you don’t have a car,” said Rizky Billar.

“A Lesty Kejora doesn’t have a car, who’s the winner,” he added imitating someone.

Seeing his future wife so sad, Rizky Billar tried to make a joke to lighten the mood.

“Okay, then we buy Fuso and two Yakult,” teased Rizky Billar.

Suddenly Rizky Billar’s words made Lesty Kejora, who was crying, burst out laughing.

“What is this, after crying, suddenly laughing, he is bipolar,” said Rizky Billar.

“If you don’t have a car, just be quiet,” he added.

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Reminded again by the rude comment, Lesty Kejora burst into tears again.

This time the singer was actually annoyed that she threw a slap on the cheek of her future husband.

Like a tiger’s mouth, Rizky Billar was resigned to accept the consequences.

“Someone will buy it later, Sis, I want to save it first,” Lesty Kejora grumbled annoyed.

Lesty Kejora slaps Rizky Billar

YouTube screenshot/Rizky Billar

Lesty Kejora slaps Rizky Billar

“Yes, patience is an expensive thing, we can’t make it happen immediately,” said Rizky Billar.

Lesty Kejora laughed again at the actor’s words.

“You’re laughing now, he’s bipolar,” replied Rizky Billar.

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