Yara Dragged For Promoting Unrealistic Lifestyle on IG

While Yara Zaya was busy denying the gold digger rumors, 90 Days Fiance The star has also been accused of trying too hard on social media. Glamorous Ukrainian woman has faced criticism during season 6 90 Day Fiance: Happy Forever? with his signature clapping and confident. However, Yara is accused of trying hard with her glamorous and carefully curated social media presence.

When Yara first appeared in 90 Days Fiance scenes during season 8, his glamorous lifestyle and demanding needs make him the belle of his New Orleans partner, Jovi Dufren. Although she is now well-liked among fans, Yara continues to receive criticism that she is a gold digger even though she claims that she works and takes home most of the family finances. Latest Happily ever after The episode sees Yara lamenting the fact that her husband is always traveling for work and leaving her to take care of baby Mylah. However, all seems to be fine on Yara’s social media as she is known for posting glamorous pictures of her life including designer brands flexing her lavish lifestyle as a fashionista.

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While Yara has a loyal following who appreciates her style, others are more critical of the image she projects on social media than her outspoken and humorous TV personality. One viewer posted on Reddit in a post titled, “IG vs Reality: Yara . Edition.” The user wrote, “I had a pretty positive view of Yara after watching the show, but following her on IG has actually lowered my opinion. It feels like she’s trying too hard to bring this glamorous lifestyle to life and is constantly flexing designer clothes, bags, jewelry, cars, etc.The person added that Yara’s social media life seemed very different from what she revealed on TV. “He thinks of me as a brand girl even before 90 days,” one of the top comments read. Given her past on Ukrainian reality TV, many viewers are suspicious of Yara’s intentions to appear on TV and marry Jovi.

Many men & women from countries of the former Soviet Union act exactly like Yara. They are very judgmental, materialistic & vain. Seems like they are overcompensating & feel very insecure about their poor background,‘ one commentator weighed. Others criticized Yara for not supporting Jovi who travels a lot for work because they think it’s her money that meets her lifestyle needs. However, others are more understanding and think Yara is delivering her own things and not getting off track like some people think. “I saw some designer purses and nice cars, that’s all. The clothes look good but are not designer. He looked like a normal 20 person who took his 15 minutes on me, nbd,” wrote another commenter. The others had nothing but harsh words to share. “He is shallow, vain and selfish. He was always like this even before Jovi. He’s a fool for dropping it,” commented one critic.

Due to her presence on social media, Yara also lost fans’ sympathy when her positive COVID-19 diagnosis was revealed on Happily ever after. On the show, Yara was devastated to learn she was sick and blamed the people of New Orleans for not wearing a mask like she did. However, viewers do remember that Yara was out partying and took note of her antics on social media during the height of last year’s pandemic. Therefore, many fans of the franchise think Yara presents a surprising difference between who she is on social media and who she is on shows like 90 Days Fiance.

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