Who are Alien Makluans in the Marvel Universe?

The Makluans are one of the alien races in the Marvel Universe that are often involved in the adventures of Marvel superheroes, mostly as villains. Although its history in Marvel Comics is quite diverse, Makluans is often talked about by fans again after the film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings raises the story of the Ten Rings weapon which is one of the advanced technologies of the Makluan race. While the involvement of this alien race is still a mystery in the film Shang-Chi, because Indonesia has not been able to watch the film, let’s first discuss the history in Marvel Comics.

First introduced in comics Weird Story #89 by Stan Lee and Larry Lieber in 1961, the Makluans race emerged with one of its most famous representatives being Fin Fang Foom, a giant green dragon who has fought against the Hulk, Thor, and even the Squirrel Girl. As a race in the form of dragon demons, the Makluan actually came from reptiles in the Andromeda galaxy, which later evolved into dragons. Their home planet is Kakaranthara, a planet whose civilization is quite advanced and prosperous.

Although they are basically peaceful beings, some of them choose to leave their peaceful planet and travel the galaxy in search of a planet they can rule over. Some of them, including Fin Fang Foom, had even landed on Earth long ago, but for the exact time no one knew about it. That’s because when they first land on Earth, they immediately use their shape-shifting abilities to disguise and blend in with humans. While the others disguised themselves, Fin Fang Foom fell asleep forever because of the medicinal plants in China.

In the 8th century, Fin Fang Foom has awakened, but has finally managed to put him back to sleep using the same medicinal plant. Since then the Makluans have become dragon legends on Earth, including the Fin Fang Foom of Chinese mythology, and his tomb (his bed?) has been well-preserved over the centuries. In another story, another Makluan named Axonn-Karr lands on Earth and hides in the Valley of the Sleeping Dragon, before Mandarin kills him and takes the ten cylinder technology from his plane. The cylinder was later used by the Mandarin and became one of the most lethal weapons in the Marvel Universe, the Ten Rings.


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While their weakness is the medicinal plants in China that make them sleep forever, Makluan are notoriously strong. His physical abilities include, super strength, super stamina, and super endurance. In addition to their skin is very hard so it is difficult to hurt, they also have a body metabolism that can heal wounds quickly. They are also noted to be able to live in a vacuum and under water with very extreme pressure. Their basic ability is to change shape at will, plus they can also emit extremely hot corrosive chemical fumes.

With such a long history, it was only a matter of time until the Makluans race was adapted by Marvel Studios as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Moreover, with their power and legend as dragons on Earth, they can easily enter every MCU story, especially the Shang-Chi story. However, even though in the end this dragon race didn’t appear in the movie shangchi, there are other opportunities in the future of the MCU, for example Fin Fang Foom as a villain in the film Shang-Chi 2 or in the character solo film Black Knight, who would later make his film debut Eternal.

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