Where was the Joker when the events of Suicide Squad happened?

Suicide Squad leaves questions about the whereabouts of Jared Leto’s version of the Joker. Throughout the film, the Joker does not appear at all and is not mentioned. (Science fiction)

Suicide Squad directed by James Gunn does not show Comedian Jared Leto’s version when the film was released earlier this month. Jared’s version of Joker caused controversy when he appeared on Suicide Squad (2016). He really isn’t in the criminal squad DC that, but she appears as Harley Quinn’s (Margot Robbie) boyfriend. In the Suicide Squad, James featured a different core team from his first film. The team consists of Bloodsport, Peacemaker, Ratcatcher 2, Polka-Dot Man and King Shark. Harley Quinn joins the team in the middle of the film.

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Actually Harley is not in the core team Suicide Squad NS. Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) puts Harley into the Task Force XA team where almost all of its members are killed at the beginning of the film. However, Harley survived and was taken into custody. In the film, Harley seems to be operating alone and is on the verge of finding her love. However, the person she likes turns out to be a power-hungry dictator who wants to kill children. Although Harley is usually portrayed as the Joker’s girlfriend, in this film Harley is a human being freed from the Clown Prince’s arms after the events of the Clown Prince Bird of prey. This doesn’t open up many opportunities for the Joker to be part of the story Suicide Squad. So, where is the Joker at? DCEU When Suicide Squad busy fighting Starro the Conqueror?

Joker’s location during the event in Suicide Squad remains a mystery as he is not mentioned at all. Suicide Squad (2016) ends with the Joker freeing Harley from Belle Reve so they can live together as criminals. However, Bird of prey (2020) later confirmed that their romance had ended. Harley even removed the Joker tattoo from his body. Even so, Jared’s version of the Joker is still in the DCEU and remains the one that criminals fear. It could be that the Joker still thinks of Gotham as his home. If that’s true, then the Joker might have been in that city during that event Suicide Squad.

Where was the Joker when the events of Suicide Squad happened?

Quoted from Screen rant, it makes sense that the Joker is not in Suicide Squad. He doesn’t fit into the ranks of Task Force X. Including him on the team can confirm that anyone, like Batman, has beaten him in the past. Jared’s version of Joker proved to be a survivor in his short time in the DCEU, especially considering his role in Justice League Zack Snyder’s version. If he’s not part of the team or dating Harley, then there’s no reason why the Joker should appear Suicide Squad.

So what will the future of the Joker look like at the DCEU? Until now there has been no confirmation of Jared’s return to the DCEU to play the Joker again. Decision forrestart Batman outside the main continuity of the DCEU means Jared won’t be fighting Robert Pattinson’s version of The Dark Knight. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck’s time as Batman in the DCEU seems to be coming to an end in the movies Lightning. In fact, there are discussions about Jared’s solo version of Joker or Joker with Harley Quinn. However, to date, no project has had any momentum.

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On the other hand, Jared has a lot of film projects. This year, he appeared as Pablo Gucci in the movie Gucci house. Directed by Ridley Scott, this film is based on the book The Gucci House: A Sensational Tale of Murder, Insanity, Charm and Greed. Scheduled for release on November 24, the film follows the murder of Maurizio Gucci by his wife, Patricia. Maurizio is played by Adam Driver while Patricia is played by Lady Gaga. Besides, next year Jared will also appear as an antihero vampire from Marvel in the movie Morbius . The film is produced by Sony Pictures and is said to be in the same universe as Spider Man and Venom .



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