What is NCT Hollywood? K-Pop fans react as new talent trains with mentors

NCT Hollywood’s plans were announced via the 2021 SM Congress video, where CEO Lee Sooman speaks to fans.

Described as a ‘survival show’, NCT Hollywood is set to seek out America’s emerging talent.

Everything we know about NCT Hollywood so far

Nothing too major has been revealed about the project, although we know that NCT Hollywood is a collaboration between SM Entertainment and MGM Worldwide Television Group.

The show will look for 21 contestants in America, aged between 13-25, who will then be flown to Seoul, South Korea, for ‘K-pop Bootcamp training’.

In an emerging talent hunt, the project is looking for someone with dancing and vocal skills, as well as style.

In particular, NCT will act as a mentor to the contestants, guiding them to success through expert tips and training.

How to stay abreast of events

Plans for NCT Hollywood were confirmed during SM Congress 2021. You watched the entire video (above).

The video also highlights further plans for SM Entertainment, including the concepts of SM Culture Universe and SM Classics.

To stay abreast of updates for NCT Hollywood, stay tuned to NCT’s social media and SM Entertainment’s social media.

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K-Pop fans react to NCT Hollywood news

Following the confirmation of the event, fans have taken to Twitter to react to the news.

K-Pop fans have mixed feelings about the SM Entertainment project, with one tweet: “I really don’t know what to feel about NCT Hollywood honestly.”

Another wrote: “I was never against NCT Hollywood.. I just don’t like how it looks like this is NCT’s next step in terms of continuing the brand. it’s an illogical next step in my opinion.”

Likewise, another person tweeted: “ten really mentored and evaluated xiaohenyang before WayV debut, if they don’t have him in the mentor lineup for nct hollywood then it’s really messed up.”

“idc for nct hollywood but I love to see mark mentor and help train the trainees because he is a very serious and passionate guy when it comes to performing and I would like to see how he does with the trainees.”

Will you keep up to date with NCT Hollywood?

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