Want to Work in a Bank? These 5 Banks Are Opening Job Vacancies

Seeing the benefits that come from working in a bank, of course, makes some people interested in working in the banking sector. Unfortunately, the opportunity to pursue a career in this field is not easy.

However, you can still increase your chances of being able to work at a bank by continuing to apply for jobs that are open there. Well, here are some of the latest job vacancies at the bank that you can apply for in July 2021. Come on, have a look!

1. Company Legal Staff – BCA

Want to Work in Banking?  These 5 Banks Are Opening VacanciesBCA job vacancy site (karir.bca.co.id/karir)

Do you have a dream to work at BCA? If so, don’t miss this opportunity. This is because BCA is currently opening job vacancies for the position of Corporate Legal Staff.

The qualifications required are that the candidate must have a bachelor’s degree in law education with a minimum GPA of 2.75, a maximum age of 27 years, and be willing to undergo a one year contract period. This offer is open for placement in the DKI Jakarta area.

For those of you who are interested in this career opportunity, please visit the official BCA career website at https://karir.bca.co.id/karir/detail/staf-legal-korporasi. Don’t let the others go yet, okay!

2. Data Encryption & Key Management Officer – Bank Mandiri

Want to Work in Banking?  These 5 Banks Are Opening VacanciesBank Mandiri Building (IDN Times/Hana Adi Perdana)

Bank Mandiri opens opportunities for Data Encryption & Key Management Officer positions. This work includes the responsibility to periodically maintain data in the bank’s system in accordance with company policies as well as ensure access authority and metrics are aligned with control requirements.

There are certain qualifications, such as a minimum of 5 years experience in a related field, understanding how data encryption works, and having extensive knowledge of servers, databases, HSM, and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA). If you are interested, register yourself at https://www.kalibrr.com/c/pt-bank-mandiri-persero-tbk/jobs/177539/ciso16-data-encryption-key-management-officer?similar_job_code=0&app_source= company page.

3. Branch Manager – Bank Mega

Want to Work in Banking?  These 5 Banks Are Opening VacanciesBank Mega job site (career.bankmega.com)

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Bank Mega opens job vacancies for the position of Branch Manager. Requirements, candidate must have a Bachelor’s degree with a minimum GPA of 3.00, experience as a Marketing Manager at least 5 years, good looking, and have a positive attitude service the good one.

Candidates who pass the selection stage will be responsible for controlling and supervising branch activities, including the achievement of targets and branch productivity. If you meet the qualifications, please send your application to https://career.bankmega.com/index.php/welcome/jobdetail/bm.

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4. Digital Technical Delivery Business Analyst – Bank OCBC NISP

Want to Work in Banking?  These 5 Banks Are Opening VacanciesOCBC NISP (IDN Times / Dian Apriliana)

OCBC NISP is looking for a Digital Technical Delivery Business Analyst. Applicants must have at least 3 years of experience in the banking industry as an IT Business Analyst or Project Manager.

Candidates must also have a bachelor’s degree, be proficient in English both oral and written, have good analytical skills, and be willing to be placed in Jakarta. For more information, visit https://www.ocbcnisp.com/id/Karir/Career-list.

5. Complete Banker (TCB) Program – Bank CIMB Niaga

Want to Work in Banking?  These 5 Banks Are Opening VacanciesCIMB Niaga job site (careers.cimb.com)

In addition to professional work, there are also other offers aimed at fresh graduate. The job vacancy is The Complete Banker (TCB) Program offered by Bank CIMB Niaga.

TCB is a two-year structured development program that provides a comprehensive overview of the banking industry. Armed with this, you can map out your professional growth path and reach your full potential.

The qualification sought is someone who is agile, flexible, dynamic, adaptable, resilient, skilled in communication, and able to work in a fast-paced environment. If you are interested, visit https://www.kalibrr.com/c/pt-bank-cimb-niaga-tbk/jobs/144708/the-complete-banker-tcb-program?similar_job_code=1&job_ref=&app_source=company- page .

Those are some of the latest job vacancies offered by banking companies. Something caught your eye, right?

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