Want to Use Insurance? Get to know the following 4 things

Jakarta: Having insurance is important. You feel more secure because the financial plan that has been prepared can be protected.

However, for people who are just starting out, it may seem difficult and expensive to use insurance. For that, identify the following four things so that using insurance can feel safer and more comfortable.

1. Type of Insurance

Based on the press release of FWD Insurance, there are various types of insurance that you can choose from, ranging from life insurance to general insurance. Life insurance includes health insurance, accident insurance, critical illness insurance.

While general insurance includes vehicle insurance, to property insurance. The most important thing in choosing insurance is the one that suits your needs, financial capabilities, and priorities. If you have determined the insurance you need, start looking for an insurance company that performs well.

However, the most important thing is to protect yourself. If you do not have insurance, it is highly recommended to have health insurance as the basis of your protection. So don’t just insure your vehicle, you matter too!

2. Premium amount and premium payment period

When you decide to have insurance for yourself, know how much premium you will have to pay and how long it will take to pay it. Then, you can compare it with the benefits that will be obtained.

Also check the premium payment schedule, whether monthly, six months, or yearly. Also learn about payment methods such as bank transfer, direct payment, or auto-debit, and more. This needs to be done so that you can manage your financial cash flow later.


(If you have a history of critical illness in your lineage, consider opting for or adding a critical illness benefit as your cover. Photo: Illustration/Pexels.com)

3. Learn about the benefits of insurance products

After knowing the amount and duration of the premium, make sure what protection you get. Also adjust to your needs. For example, when buying health insurance products, don’t forget to ask what diseases are covered, or what is the maximum protection limit, as well as insurance partner hospitals.

If you have a history of critical illness in your lineage, you may also consider opting for or adding a critical illness benefit that may require more protection in the future.

4. The process of purchasing and submitting insurance claims

When you have established yourself to buy an insurance product, the next thing you need to do is study well how the purchase process, claims, and what documents need to be prepared.

Ensuring how the claim process occurs when a risk occurs is an important thing that you must know. For example, for health insurance, it is a cashless claim system which means you don’t have to spend money at partner hospitals or reimbursement which means you will use your money first which will be replaced by the insurance company.

Don’t forget to ask about the documents that must be met when submitting a claim as well as the technicalities for submitting claims and sending documents.

Well, now you know what considerations you can take to choose insurance. Make sure the insurance is suitable for you, your partner, and your family.


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