Violating the Raul Lemos Ban? Krisdayanti’s Efforts Have Sweet Fruits, Amora Successfully Competes with Aurel’s Gait on Television, KD Proud: Congratulations Amora!

image.ID – Krisdayanti is proud not to play with Amora Lemos.

Why not, Krisdayanti’s second daughter has just proven her talent in public.

Not inferior to his half-brother, Aurel Hermasnyah, Amora is now also on stage with Krisdayanti.

It seems that Krisdayanti’s efforts to persuade Raul Lemos to allow his son to follow Aurel Hermasnyah’s footsteps paid off.

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Yes, as previously known, Krisdayanti’s dream was against Raul Lemos’ wish.

It could be said that Raul Lemos was reluctant for Amora to enter the world of singing like Aurel Hermasnyah.

Raul Lemos wants his son to prioritize his education.

Krisdayanti was also warned not to dictate her dreams to her child.

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“I don’t want to miss again, even though Raul warned me,”

“You can’t force Amora if her destiny is not to become a singer,” said Krisdayanti, quoted from Dede Yusuf’s Youtube Window, March 30, 2020.

But secretly, Krisdayanti still supports Amora in the field of music.

Krisdayanti admits that she doesn’t want to be missed anymore like she was during Aurel Hermansyah.

Now, Krisdayanti’s efforts have finally paid off.

Krisdayanti’s pride in Amora soared.

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Imagine, this princess managed to prove that she was not with Aurel Hermansyah.

In the upload to the Instagram account @krisdayantilemos, the diva said Amora had just shown her talent at a TV station’s birthday event.

Proudly, Amora stood side by side with her mother, singing along.

Not only that, Amora’s talent in the music world was also appreciated and received awards.

Thanks for the opportunity given to Amora, singing on the big TV stage which was tense at the beginning of her experience,” wrote Krisdayanti.

Krisdayanti and Amora Lemos appear together on a tv show.

Instagram @krisdayantilemos

Krisdayanti and Amora Lemos appear together on a tv show.

Krisdayanti felt very proud to see Amora’s talent appreciated.

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The diva’s joy was bubbling when it was Amora’s first time appearing in a duet with her on television.

It seems that Krisdayanti’s efforts to persuade Raul Lemis have indeed paid off.

Plus the appreciation for his talent who received his first award with difficulty, ”

Congratulations Amora, I hope you practice more and keep singing with your heart, even though you still have to get a doctorate, God willing, amen yarabbalalamin, “closed the wife of Raul Lemos.

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