Used to be famous, now sinking, this FTV player was caught selling cows for a mouthful of rice – All Pages – A career as an artist may be the dream of many people.

Besides popularity, wealth is also one of the reasons why people want to become artists.

However, not all artists have lasting careers.

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Some artists even have to turn to other professions for a bite of rice.

This is also experienced by the figure of this FTV artist.

After becoming famous, it seems that this actor has become entangled in a new profession as a cow seller.

Who is that figure?

Hardi Fadhillah’s Career

Malang has been in the entertainment world since 2006, until now Hardi Fadhillah still survives in the world where his figure is known.

The actor, who is now 35 years old, often acts as a schoolboy even though he is now in the 3rd head.

Known as a funny male actor and a real man in every FTV title, he didn’t expect Hardi Fadhillah’s news to come as a surprise.

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We often see the figure of actor Hardi Fadhillah on FTV television screens and how many popular films are shown in cinemas.

Hardi Fadhillah is known to be married and has 4 children. In the midst of the corona virus pandemic, the figure of Hardi Fadhillah is back in the spotlight.

Hardi Fadhillah actor news


Hardi Fadhillah actor news

Not much is known about Hardi’s personal life, apart from his television and film appearances.

Now, Hardi Fadhillah’s face rarely appears on the screen.

Hardi Fadhillah often plays a schoolboy even though he is now 3 years old.

Even Hardi Fadhillah is known to have been blessed with three children.

Hardi Fadhillah has apparently been married since 2013.

Hardi is married to a beautiful artist who is his co-star in the soap opera Abu Putih, Kiki Azhari.

Together with Kiki Azhari, Hardi is blessed with 3 cute children.

Hardi also often shares photos of him together with his wife and three children.

Their household is still beautiful and there is no gossip.

Hardi Fadhillah is a foreign name for most people.

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This one actor rarely plays the main character.

However, in most of his roles both in FTV and films, this father of three is indeed synonymous with the role of school children or funny characters.

Her youthful face is often juxtaposed with actors and actresses who are younger than Hardi.

He even still fits into school clothes even though he’s already a father.

In the world of cinema, Hardi is more likely to star in horror films.

As for FTV, Hardi has starred in more than hundreds of titles.

Malang has been in the entertainment industry in the country since 2006, until now Hardi still survives in the world whose figure is known.

Hardi Fadhillah’s name is no stranger to the entertainment world in the country. His name is known as an actor.

However, age cannot lie in the world of entertainment.

Slowly but surely, new and young faces are replacing actors and actresses in the Indonesian entertainment industry.

Likewise Hardi Fadhillah now. Slowly, Hardi’s figure rarely appears on television.

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Having not appeared on TV for a long time, Hardi Fadhillah now has a new business, namely becoming an entrepreneur. He sells cows.

Steering Wheel Selling Cow

Hardi Fadhillah now owns a cattle farm. The cows for sale are also large.

“The cowman’s family,” wrote Hardi Fadhillah on his Instagram account.

Hardi Fadhillah uses social media to market the cows he sells. He has his own Instagram account to sell his cows, namely @sapi_monster.

Hardi Fadhillah’s cattle farm is one of the suppliers of qurbani in the Greater Jakarta area.

Hardi is now taking on a new profession to support his wife and three children. Through his Instagram account, Hardi did not hesitate to share his photo bathing the cows he sells.

In fact, Hardi now has to go in and out of the cage to get rupiah every day.

Yes, Hardi now chooses the business of buying and selling cows. He did not hesitate to post his business on his Instagram profile.

Not infrequently, he also goes directly to caring for the cows that become the coffers of his money.

Several artists have also become Hardi’s subscribers, especially during the Eid al-Adha moment.

He even took his three children to his cowshed. Photos of Hardi bathing and feeding the cows are very easy to find through his Instagram account.

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