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Gridhot.ID – Rumors of Nissa Sabyan and Ayus’ affair are still a mystery.

Not a word came out of Nissa Sabyan’s mouth regarding her illicit relationship with Ayus.

It is known that Nissa Sabyan is rumored to be the third person in Ayus and Ririe Fairus’ household.

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Ririe Fairus also now lives as a widow and focuses on raising her two children.

If Ririe chooses to separate and seek happiness for herself, Nissa is reluctant to save herself.

It is evident from Nissa’s decision which did not clarify any issues related to developing issues.

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As a result, now on social media, Nissa gets various scorn and insults from netizens.

Living life without clarity turns out to be a change for Nissa Sabyan.

The 22-year-old singer has now turned skinny, as can be seen from several photos on social media.

Quoting TribunJatim.com, this can be seen in the latest photo of Nissa while promoting her business.

In her upload, Nissa shared six photos with different poses.

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“Yipiiiiii new collection NS.STORE. Instant NS and NS plisket pasmina, can be ordered via shopee, tokopedia, whatsapp, and official reseller lol,” wrote Nissa.

“You can type Ns.store_official or you can directly click the link in Nissa’s Instagram bio. Happy shopping, guys,” added Nissa.

In the photo, Nissa is seen wearing a bone-white robe and slightly shaping her body.

Not a few are wrongly focused on Nissa’s appearance, which looks bold to highlight her body.

Nissa Sabyan

Instagram @nissa_sabyan

Nissa Sabyan

Netizens also criticized Nissa.

“It’s terrible to wear it. ouch.. looks very sexy. I wear the hijab but there is no need to promote it. I really like it.. sorry julid. A good hijab covers the genitals, does not make the genitals. body looks convex,” wrote one netizen.

“Back then his clothes were really covered, now after cheating Ayus his clothes are all naked,” another commented.

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Not only commenting on Nissa’s dress model, netizens also seemed to be reminded of the gossip about Ayus’ pregnancy.

Nissa is considered to show that she is not pregnant with a flat and beautiful stomach.

“Kya shows, ‘My stomach is not bloated’,” wrote another netizen.

If Nissa continues to be blasphemed, Ririe Fairus gets something different.

Like the other way around, Ririe actually gets praise and is always supported by her fans.

Especially fans who hate the illicit relationship and infidelity issues of Ayus and Nissa Sabyan.

Not wanting to be bothered, Ririe chooses to organize her life and focus on making her children happy.

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Until now, Ririe has never revealed the disgrace of Ayus who was rumored to be having an affair with Nissa.

Of course this leaves a question in the minds of the public.

But recently, Ririe suddenly mentioned forgiveness.

Through his Instastory @ririe_fairus, he re-uploaded a video entitled “Learning to Forgive”.

Uploaded by Ririe Fairus

Instagram @ririe_fairus

Uploaded by Ririe Fairus


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