Tomorrow’s War: Where Do Aliens Come From?

The latest film, starring Chris Pratt, Tomorrow War presents a story where the earth must experience a very terrible event in the future. Humans and extraterrestrials named Whitespikes must fight each other in the year 2051. The last part of this film manages to provide information about the background of an alien attack on Earth.

Although a team led by a biology teacher and former special forces managed to destroy the starship harboring the monsters, Tomorrow’s War still leaves a lot of questions about the Whitespikes. The film itself is divided into two timelines. In 2022, the army from 2051 appears to deliver bad news about the future.

They all reported that the human side had lost hope in the battle against the Whitespikes. Extraterrestrials are believed to have secretly arrived on Earth by avoiding all available satellite detection. They then arrived in Russia in 2048. The creature then managed to take over various existing territories.

The Tomorrow War Aliens: Official White Nail Concept Art!

Thanks to their queen, the aliens keep on multiplying and their numbers keep increasing which makes them stronger and more dangerous to soldiers as well as humans. With all their strength and also their ability to shoot spikes or spikes, the aliens managed to wipe out most of humanity.

In just 3 years, the population on earth continued to decline to only 500,000 people. Whitespikes use humans as their food source and although they are ruthless and ruthless hunters, they don’t seem interested in technology, money, or other aspects of society. And Forester then found a way to kill the Whitespikes.

When Dan registers to fight in 2051, he discovers that his grown daughter, Muri, is a Colonel who developed a poison that can kill Whitespikes. However, he needs his father’s help to bring the poison back to 2022 for production and prevent a bad future from happening.

The Tomorrow War: Chris Pratt explains where the White Spikes came from

After they return to 2022, Dan Forester and another squad, Charlie, manage to get help from Martin, who is a student of Dan Forester. Martin confirmed that the dust on the Whitespikes claws came from the eruption of Mount Paektu which occurred in 946 AD. Known as the Millennium Eruption event, the eruption of Mount Paektu was able to heal dust or ash into northern Russia for a thousand years.

This means that the Whitespikes will not necessarily appear in 2048. This film also mentions a little about changes in weather and the melting of ice in Antarctica in 2048 which triggers the emergence of Whitespikes. And Forester then led a team to go to Russia and prove that his theory was correct. This is also supported by the discovery of the Whitespikes spacecraft there.

Unfortunately, in their attempt to kill the aliens with the poison found by Muri, the aliens wake up and the Whitespikes try to fight back. And Forester and the others were finally forced to fight and kill the queen. Dan made two important discoveries in Russia: The Whitespikes arrived on earth centuries ago and they did not come alone.

The Whitespikes also carry cargo that is moved or carried by other alien races, which are more human-like in appearance and have a much higher level of intelligence than the Whitespikes. What is unfortunate is that when the war broke out, Dan Forester and his team were unable to identify the other alien races that had come with the Whitespikes. Moreover, they also did not know who owned the starship.

They also did not have time to analyze where the origin of the Whitespikes and what the name of their original race was. Before the last moment in the movie Tomorrow’s War When this happens, Charlie and Dan theorize that the other aliens are a race of colonists who use the Whitespikes to destroy or wipe out the existence of a planet’s original inhabitants. Simply put, Whitespikes are weapons of an intelligent alien race to destroy a planet.

However, the question remains whether they came to earth intentionally to destroy the earth or they accidentally fell to earth. If indeed their goal is to destroy the earth, then their mission has been successful in the original timeline in 2051. And with Dan, James, and Charlie successfully killing the queen in 2022, then it can be prevented.

It is possible that there are other Whitespikes out there and it is not impossible that a second wave of Whitespikes attacks, or even another alien attack will come to earth. In fact, it is also possible that in other parts of the world there are still other Whitespikes who are still asleep. If a sequel is going to be made, maybe they can answer the question regarding Whitespikes.

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