To the extent that he asked Anang to leave, Ashanty immediately made a will after being diagnosed by a doctor, Iis Dahlia was shocked when she found out what it said: Seriously?

figure.ID – Since being diagnosed with meningitis and autoimmune disease, Ashanty has always been worried about his health and age.

I was so scared, Ashanty even asked Anang Hermansyah to leave him.

With that in mind, Ashanty just didn’t want Anang Hermansyah and his four children to be hurt in his absence.

“When I was sick, I thought, can I still have a career?”

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“To Mas Anang, I said, ‘You leave me, I am sick, I want to die,’ Ashanty said as quoted from the 2019 edition of Wiken.ID.

Ashanty’s anxiety about her age continues to this day.

As if preparing everything before it was too late, Ashanty made a will for his 4 children.

Ashanty wrote the letter when he was diagnosed with meningitis in 2013.

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Ashanty revealed the existence of these letters in his conversation with Iis Dahlia on TRANS7’s Official YouTube, Friday (2/7/2021).

In the event, Ashanty admitted that he had prepared a will for his four children.

Ashanty admitted writing the letter after he was diagnosed with meningitis and then became autoimmune in 2013.

“Because I had severe meningitis in 2013. Then when I entered the RSPAD, it was said to be autoimmune,” said Ashanty.

Realizing that age is not something he can control, Ashanty resigns.

“I became a human being like ‘why am I sick’. I don’t even know how long it’s been.”

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Worried that his age would not last as long as he thought, Ashanty dared to make a will.

This will is intended for his four children later when he is no longer around.

With these letters, Ashanty hopes that none of his four children will fight.

Moreover, they are hostile to each other because of fighting over wealth.

“You finally made a will?” asked Iis Dahlia.

“Making it (a will) means for healthy people to make it so that children don’t fight,” explained Ashanty.

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The contents of Ashanty's will shocked Iis Dahlia, Anang's wife gave up

youtube/ Trans 7 Official

The contents of Ashanty’s will shocked Iis Dahlia, Anang’s wife gave up

In the will, Ashanty and Anang agreed to disentangle all of their respective assets.

Then the property is divided equally among his four children without exception or unilaterally.

“I wrote, whatever we both (Anang and Ashanty) produce, it will be written later, so the children don’t fight,” said Ashanty.

Ashanty’s courage then made Iis Dahlia gasped.

“So everything has been shared? Seriously? Do you have all of them?” asked Iis Dahlia.

“Yes,” continued Ashanti.

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