Tips and Resources to Help Patients Live a Healthy Lifestyle

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Resources to help you empower your patients to build and maintain healthy habits.

The past year has been a challenge for all of us, and it may be difficult for your patient with or at risk of diabetes to maintain a healthy diet and physical activity routine. Encourage your patients to take responsibility for managing their weight and physical activity habits. Emphasize taking small steps so it doesn’t overwhelm you. Recommended steps may include:

  • stop exercising with a 2 to 3 minute walk break several times a day
  • reduce screen time and time spent sitting, even playing sports or games outside with the family
  • adding motion to their day, such as making routine tasks such as sweeping, picking up groceries, vacuuming, and yard work part of a physical activity plan
  • have healthy snacks and foods that are low in added sugar and salt
  • use a food diary to track food, which can help them find ways to make changes to what they eat and drink to help them lose weight

For more guidance, check out the five previous blog posts below with resources and tips for working with patients on weight management and healthy living.

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Visit our Weight Management and Healthy Living Tips page for more information, including a toolkit with brochures and shareable social media posts.

What has helped your patients manage their weight and stay physically active? Tell us in the comments.

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