This time Ashanty sided with Atta, until he intervened against Aurel Hermansyah, Anang’s wife. Head: Are you crazy?

figure.ID – As soon as Aurel Hermansyah’s wedding procession was over, Ashanty immediately left for Turkey.

Ashanty’s health condition at that time did not allow him to accompany Aurel Hermansyah at the beginning of the marriage.

Ashanty could not even accompany Aurel Hermansyah when his second daughter miscarried.

After a month apart, Ashanty finally reunited with his daughter and son-in-law.

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But when they just met, Ashanty was shocked by Aurel Hermansyah’s behavior.

The husband, Atta Halilintar, immediately complained to Ashanty about his wife’s behavior behind her parents.

Ashanty is not surprised when he finds out the princess’s behavior continues.

Not wanting this to become a commotion between his daughter and son-in-law, Ashanty even intervened.

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Yes, in mid-June, Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah finally returned to the country.

The first thing they did after returning was to visit the residence of Aurel Hermansyah and Atta Halilintar.

Aurel Hermansyah’s enthusiasm for welcoming his mother was seen on Aurelie Hermansyah’s YouTube which aired on June 25, 2021.

Reported from the show, Saturday (3/7/2021) unfortunately, Aurel Hermansyah’s enthusiasm did not last long.

The reason is, her husband, Atta Halilintar, without further ado complained about his behavior in front of Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah.

Of course, Aurel Hermansyah’s behavior as told by Atta Halilintar was a success for Ashanty and Anang.

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Why not, Aurel Hermansyah drained his wallet up to Rp 100 million just for a cat cage!

β€œHe wants to buy a cage, Pi, how much does it cost? The year is Rp 100 million, a cat cage,” said Atta, rumbling furiously.

“How many? IDR 500 million?” asked Ashanty misheard.

“Rp 100 million, ma’am, make a cat cage,” said Atta Halilintar.

Atta Halilintar complained about the behavior of Aurel Hermansyah who bought a cat cage for Rp.  100 million for Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah

YouTube Atta Halilintar

Atta Halilintar complained about the behavior of Aurel Hermansyah who bought a cat cage for Rp. 100 million for Ashanty and Anang Hermansyah

Hearing Atta Halilintar’s complaint, Ashanty couldn’t understand his daughter’s behavior.

On the other hand, Aurel Hermansyah who complained like that could only chuckle.

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“Crazy, are you crazy, brother?” Ashanty exclaimed supporting the son-in-law.

Knowing that problems like this could become a feud between couples, Ashanty then gave Atta Halilintar an understanding.

Ashanty said that Aurel Hermansyah’s character was natural and could be handled with sufficient understanding.

According to Ashanty, Aurel Hermansyah is very extravagant because he has nothing to do at home.

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“The more he does nothing, the more he spends,” explains Ashanty.

Ashanty’s explanation was later also confirmed by Atta Halilintar who realized the change in his wife

“Yes, I shop more often. Those who do karaoke, buy a bag,” concluded the youtuber.

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