These 7 Hollywood Actors Are Upset Because Their Character Dies in Movie

This Hollywood actor character is killed in a film with a makeshift story. In fact, their characters are important and potentially in the next sequel.

When an actor performs the role assigned to him. That is, he must be ready to act out the scenes that have been written in the scenario. They can’t change it, let alone ask the screenwriter to write down the good fortune of the characters they play.

However, there are some actors who are upset that their roles were killed in a Hollywood film. Some of them were so disappointed to see the death scene. Anybody? See below.

Hollywood Actor Annoyed by Death Scene in Movie

1. Yaphet Kotto – Live and Let Die (1973)

Hollywood Actor Annoyed by Death Scene in Movie

Hollywood Actor Annoyed by Death Scene on Via


The James Bond film series often displays cool actions that spoil the eyes of the audience. Well, this secret agent film has a characteristic where every criminal will be killed in a tense way. However, that doesn’t apply to Kananga’s character in the movie called Live and Let Die this.

In this film, Yaphet Kotto as Kananga felt that the character he played was killed in a funny way and far from the standard 007 film. He was killed by putting some kind of gas into his mouth.

Then, his body gradually grew until it was like a balloon. He flew and exploded in the air. Of course Yaphet Kotto was disappointed, his character was killed in a comedic way.

2. Steven Seagal – Executive decision (1996)

Hollywood Actor Annoyed by Death Scene in Movie

Hollywood Actor Annoyed by Death Scene on Via


Steven Seagal is known as a Hollywood actor who often plays in action films with heroic plays. But in the movie Executive decision, the character of Colonel Austin who he played was killed.

Colonel Austin is one of the main characters that the audience might think will be a savior at the end of the film. However, the scenario says otherwise. Steven Seagal was a bit annoyed by this fact. Especially when he found out that Austin’s character was killed by blowing his head.

So upset, Seagal had time to strike from this film project and asked for the screenplay to be changed. As a result, the scenario changed, Colonel Austin’s character finally died when the plane he was traveling in crashed.

3. Jamie Kennedy – Shout 2 (1997)

This Hollywood Actor Is Upset Because His Character Dies in Movie

This Hollywood actor is upset that his character dies in Via Film


For those of you who like film series Shout, definitely know the character of Randy Meeks. The character is played by Jamie Kennedy very well. But unfortunately, in the middle of this sequel, Randy died.

Not a few viewers were disappointed with the fate of Randy in the film. In fact, Jamie Kennedy was annoyed that his character had to be killed. In fact, he really likes Randy’s character with all the dialogue and action. He was even more upset when he found out how Randy died in such a sad way too.

4. Jessica Alba – Fantastic Four: Rise of Silver Surfers (2007)

This Hollywood Actor Is Upset Because His Character Dies in Movie

This Hollywood actor is upset that his character dies in Via Film


Jessica Alba as Susan Storm or the Invisible Woman in the movie Fantastic Four. Uniquely, the character is dead before being resurrected. Jessica Alba was annoyed by the sight. He felt strange about the death and resurrection of his character.

In addition, during the death scene of The Invisible Woman, the director asked Alba not to overexpress. In fact, she wasn’t even asked to cry, because artificial tears could be made with CGI. It annoyed him because he couldn’t reveal his character’s death to the fullest.

5. Marion Cotillard – The resurrection of the dark knight (2012)

Marion Cotillard's Death Scene – The Dark Knight Rises

Marion Cotillard’s Death Scene – The Dark Knight Rises Via


Miranda Tate’s character could actually be surprise in story and makes the ending of this film even more awesome. However, all that changed when Batman managed to stop Miranda’s truck.

When cornered by Batman and Catwoman, Miranda who is still panting at the wheel talks about the threat she is preparing. Then, Miranda died without a fight, not even a trace of blood or wound was visible.

Finally, Miranda’s death became the laughing stock of many people. Marion Cotillard was annoyed and questioned why her strong character was only made to die in such a ridiculous way.

6. Bryan Cranston – Godzilla (2014)

Bryan Cranston's Death Scene – Godzilla

Bryan Cranston’s Death Scene – Godzilla

Film Godzilla The first from Legendary Pictures did get a lot of praise. This film managed to entertain millions of viewers around the world. Although entertaining, movies Godzilla also brought the audience to tears when the scientist, Joe Brody, died of MUTO.

But his character steals the show. In fact, Bryan Cranston who played him even asked the crew behind the scenes to evaluate the death scene of Joe’s character. According to him, Joe’s character is very important and should not be killed. Cranston also said that even though he wasn’t playing Joe, Joe couldn’t be killed.

7. Thandie Newton – Solo: A Star Wars Story (2018)

Thandie Newton's Death Scene – Solo: A Star Wars Story

Thandie Newton’s Death Scene – Solo: Star Wars Story Via


In the movie Solo: A Star Wars Story, Thandie Newton plays Val, wife of antagonist Tobias Beckett. This character is made to die in a simple way. When Tobias and his gang are desperate, Val commits a suicide bombing and lets her husband escape. In fact, the real story is not like that.

In the script, Val is actually omitted in this film, namely by the way he jumps off the train platform and his body is never found. This story allows Val to return in the long franchise in the film Star Wars.

In fact, the hectic schedule made the screenwriter run out of time and ended up killing Val naturally. Thandie Swinton is upset by the sudden change of screenplay. The shadow of Val who was a surprise in this franchise has also disappeared.


Those are seven Hollywood actors who were upset by the death of their characters in the film. Among the seven characters in the Hollywood film above. Which way of death do you find really annoying?


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