These 5 Hollywood Artists Become Indonesian Blood!

Despite being an American citizen, this Hollywood artist has Indonesian blood. Who is your favorite artist?

Hollywood is the largest film industry in the world which contains actors from various backgrounds and also has various ethnicities. In fact, some Hollywood artists also have Indonesian blood from their families.

This Indonesian-blooded Hollywood artist can also be said to have had a fairly brilliant career and was successfully involved in a number of major film franchises. One of the Hollywood artists with Indonesian blood is even involved as a character in one of the latest Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) films, you know!

Curious who are the Hollywood artists with Indonesian blood? Just take a look at the KINCIR discussion below!

1. Lulu Space

Hollywood actress of Indonesian descent

Indonesian Descent Hollywood Artist Via


For those of you who watched the series Legacy on the CW channel, you must be familiar with this Penelope Park actor, right? Yep, Lulu Antariksa is arguably one of the rising Hollywood artists in recent years. He also became known when he starred in the Nickleodeon series entitled How to Shake who debuted as the main character.

Well, it turns out that the actress whose full name is Lauren Marie-Elizabeth Antariksa has Indonesian blood in her body. This is because the father of Antariksa is a native of Malang, Indonesia, while his mother is from Germany. When his parents met in the United States, they decided to live there.

Oh yes, 2016 Lulu Antariksa also starred web series popular title T@gged as the main character for three seasons and opposite Noah Centino. Then, in 2018, he finally made his big screen debut as the main character of the film suspense story title What’s Still Left.

2. Yoshi Sudarso

Hollywood actress of Indonesian descent

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Maybe many of you already know the figure of Yoshi Sudarso. Yep, this one actor was born in Surabaya to parents who have Indonesian and Chinese blood. Then, when he was nine years old, Yoshi Sudarso’s parents decided to move to California, United States and decided to live there.

Yoshi Sudarso initially pursued a career in mathematics and accounting before finally turning to the theater arts industry. At the beginning of his career in the entertainment world, Sudarso was more often involved as a stunts from several projects, such as Labyrinth Runner, SHIELD Agent, and Alita: Angel of Battle. After that, he started to be active as an actor in costume of several serial projects Power Rangers.

Not long after, Sudarso finally got the main role as Koda aka Ranger Blue in the series Power Rangers Dino Charge which is arguably his biggest project. Now, even though he still lives in the United States, Yoshi Sudarso is quite active in starring in Indonesian films, such as Milly & Mamet (2018), Buffalo Boys (2018), and the latest one is Sky Wolf (2021).

3. Kristin Kreuk

Hollywood actress of Indonesian descent

Indonesian Descent Hollywood Artist Via


Most of you probably know that Clark Kent’s lover aka Superman is Lois Lane. However, in the series Smallville which is very popular, the character who is told to be the main lover of the superhero is actually a girl named Lana Lang. Well, the figure of a Hollywood artist who plays Lana Lang in the series is Kristin Kreuk who is of Indonesian descent.

Because, even though he was born in Canada, Kreuk’s parents are of Chinese-Indonesian descent. Kreuk also star in this series Smallville as Lana Lang for 10 years and became the project that made the most names in Hollywood.

After that, he was involved in various other projects, such as the serial Beauty & the Beast and also Burden of Truth involving him as an executive producer. Oh yeah, in 2009 he also played Chun-Li in the movie live action Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li adapted from the game Street Fighter.

4. Dallas Liu

Hollywood actress of Indonesian descent

Indonesian Descent Hollywood Artist Via


In 2021 we are presented with the latest MCU film entitled Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Well, it turns out that Dallas Liu as one of the actors involved in the superhero film is an American of Chinese-Indonesian blood. Liu is also rumored to be playing a mysterious character named Ruihua whose background is unknown at the time of writing this article.

Besides that Shang-Chi, in 2021 it was also revealed that Dallas Liu would be involved as one of the main characters of the series live action Avatar: The Last Airbender produced by Netflix. Liu is also rumored to be playing the figure of Prince Zuko who in the cartoon version is the crown prince of the Fire Nation who at the beginning of the story became the enemy of the Avatar team.

Before getting involved in the film Shang-Chi and also serial Live action avatars, Dallas Liu has also starred in several other Hollywood projects though as a supporting actor. Some of them are movies tekken (2010), Mortal Kombat: Inheritance (2013), as well as comedy series Pen15.

5. Tania Gunadi



The 2000s generation may already be familiar with the figure of Tania Gunadi. Yep, this girl from Bandung was excited in the country when it was confirmed to play in the series Even Stevens which airs on the Disney Channel with Shia LaBeouf. Gunadi is arguably the first native Indonesian to appear on a Disney Channel show.

Gunadi’s career in Hollywood began in 2000 when he won the Green Card Lottery, a United States government program that allowed him to obtain the identity of a resident of that country. Gunadi, who at that time had just graduated from high school, took advantage of the opportunity and lived in the US. At the beginning of his life there, he only worked as a restaurant employee before finally getting interested in acting.

Then, while at Disneyland, Gunadi had the opportunity to become an advertising model through an audition which required him to scream as loud as he could while riding a rollercoaster. While the rest of the audition participants were exhausted, Gunadi still looked fit and eventually became the main star of a Disney commercial. This moment became the starting point for Gunadi to be involved in the series Even Stevens.

After that, Gunadi began to be active as an actress and has starred in various films and series, such as Aaron’s Stone which also aired on the Disney Channel and included him as the main character. Now, he is arguably more active as a voice actor in films or animated series. In fact, in 2021 he is also involved in Disney’s latest animated film, namely The Last Kingdom and Dragon.


Well, that’s a number of Hollywood artists who turned out to be of Indonesian blood. Of these Hollywood artists, which do you think is not of Indonesian descent? share your opinion below and keep following KINCIR for interesting articles about other films, okay!


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