These 10 Female Idols Are Famous For Their ‘Actress’ Faces

These ten female idols are famous for their actress visuals. Keep reading to see who was chosen!

1. Apink Naeun


(Photo: Naeun’s Instagram)

Apink’s center and visuals Naeun known for its beautiful visuals. The idol who is known for her visual actress has actually pursued a career in acting! He made his acting debut in 2012 in the historical drama “The Great Seer.” He is scheduled to act in the upcoming dramas “No Longer Human” and “Ghost Doctor.”

2. Lia ITZY


(Photo: ITZY Instagram)

LiaHis slick visuals are perfect for drama! This ITZY member has a small face with a v-shaped jaw. Her milky white skin makes her look like a princess, along with her small but full lips, aegyo-sal, and a high nose bridge!

3. (G)I-DLE Miyeon


(Photo: Miyeon’s Instagram)

(G)I-DLE members miyeon known for its plain visuals. She has a refined traditional Korean beauty that is favored in South Korea. “LA TA TA” actually made her debut as an actress in 2021 as the female lead of the web drama “Replay: The Moment.”

4. IZ*ONE Minju


(Photo: Minju’s Instagram)

Before debuting with IZ*ONE, Minju working on acting projects. Her most notable role was in the 2018 MBC drama “Tempted,” where she played the young role of Choi Soo Ji (Moon Ga Young). His last acting gig was in 2019, with a cameo in the web drama “A-TEEN 2.”

5. ELRIS Bella


(Photo: Bella’s Instagram)

A member of ELRIS, Bella is famous for her small face and fairy-like visuals. Even though she hasn’t debuted as an actress yet, the idol has released an OST. He released the song “Love” for the drama “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People.”

6. Good WJSN


(Photo: Instagram Bona)

BonaVivid visuals and sharp features make it perfect for drama, as cameras tend to like faces like hers! He made his acting debut in 2017 with the KBS2 drama “Hit the Top.” His new drama will be released in 2020 under tvN titled “Twenty-Five Twenty-One.”

7. Girls Genereal ration


(Photo: Yoona Instagram)

Yoona known as the “Nation Center”, and it’s no wonder why. With her baby-like skin, cute deer eyes, and beautiful smile, YoonA doesn’t look more than 21 days old! Yoona started acting in 2007 with the drama “Two Outs in the Ninth Inning.” He is set to return to the big screen with the film “The Miracle” this year.

8. Jung Chaeyeon’s DAY

Jung Chaeyeon

(Photo: Jung Chaeyeon’s Instagram)

Jung Chaeyeon famous for its girl-next-door visuals. With her clear and smooth visuals, it’s no surprise that this DIA member managed to become an actress. He made his acting debut in 2016 with the drama “109 Strange Things.” His last acting gig was in the KBS2 drama “Yeonmo” in 2021.



(Photo: Jennie’s Instagram)

While most people would think of Jisoo as the most actress-like BLACKPINK member, Jennie has actually been praised for her actress look in the past! The idol-cat-like features and versatility in expression make it perfect for the camera. While it’s unknown if Jennie will debut as an actress, fans are hopeful that one day she will be given the chance!

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10. Oh My Girl Jiho


(Photo: Jiho’s Instagram)

SouthHis cat-like features have earned him a loyal fan base in South Korea. Even though he looks cold, the idol is actually warm and carefree, and it shows every time he is in front of the camera. Although she didn’t act in dramas, she did act in B1A4’s “Sweet Girl” music video.

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