There are Mining Entrepreneurs to Television Entrepreneurs

image.ID – The figure of Larissa Chou is increasingly stealing attention after officially divorcing Alvin Faiz on June 16, 2021.

Thinking that his household was peaceful, Larissa Chou then revealed Alvin Faiz’s disgrace that he had kept to himself.

Since divorcing Alvin Faiz, apparently many men are queuing up to be Larissa Chou’s husband.

In fact, the men have been queuing since the iddah period or the waiting period for women after divorce has not been completed by Larissa Chou.

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Launching from Tribun Wow, this was revealed by a close friend of Larissa Chou, namely Hanny Kristianto, through an Intense Investigation YouTube show, Friday (10/9/2021).

The man who serves as the Secretary General of the Indonesian Converting Center (MCI) said there were more than 200 men who wanted to invite Larissa Chou to study.

“It is reported that Larissa was actually more than yesterday, I was given her DM, I was given her email, and her WA,” said Hanny.

It is proven that Hanny Kristianto can only give advice to Larissa Chou.

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Larissa Chou's best friend, Hanny Kristanto

Youtube Intensive Investigation

Larissa Chou’s best friend, Hanny Kristanto

“There are so many who apply, they say ‘not finished’, ‘Yes, if you really want to, choose one’, “he explained.

With so many men proposing to Larissa Chou, Henny Kristianto admitted that it was difficult to count.

“We’ll see, it’s not spam, in the end I didn’t count it, moreover I’ve counted most of it,” said Hanny Kristianto.

Had written on Instagram that the number of men was 159, Hanny Kristianto also clarified it.

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“Even more, I think 200 should be more, but I’m tired of counting,” said Hanny Kristianto.

Not just anyone, according to Hanny Kristianto, the man who proposed to Larissa Chou on average had a classy job.

Also comes from a family that can not be canned.

Even some of them are known by Hanny Kristianto himself.

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“There are also those I know, there are mining entrepreneurs, children whose children are television entrepreneurs, there are entrepreneurs who have airlines, some are property owners, all kinds of things,” explained Hanny Kristianto.

Hanny Kristianto confirmed that the man contacted Larissa Chou with serious intentions.

“They’re serious, it’s impossible in Islam, the thing that shouldn’t be a joke is getting married and getting divorced,” he said.

Hanny Kristianto said they even dared to give Larissa Chou luxury items as proof of their seriousness.

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“There are those who want to give grace too, there are those who want to give a house, there are many,” concluded Hanny Kristianto.

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