The True Story of a Turkish Sergeant during the Korean War – Ayla’s film The Daughter of War is being talked about on TikTok because of its blue-tinged story. Check out the synopsis of Ayla The Daughter of War below.

Ayla’s film The Daughter of War is based on the true story of a Turkish sergeant and his daughter. Population tik tok many picked up cuts from the film that was released in 2017 because of its heart-wrenching story.

Ayla The Daughter of War Movie [IMDb]
Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]

Synopsis of Ayla The Daughter of War

Suleyman Dilbirligi is a soldier from Turkey who was active in 1950. It turns out that in Turkey Suleyman has a girl he wants to marry and live a normal life. Suleyman turned out to register himself to take part in state duties in the Korean war, and it turned out that Turkey was one of the countries included in the United Nations.

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Ali Atay is a close friend of Suleyman being a great and brave soldier. After a long stint in South Korea, the task is finally done, but the hapless Turkish division is attacked by North Korean troops. Finally the Turkish team against the North Korean team and finally the victory is in the hands of Turkey.

Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]
Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]

Eventually the Turkish army went through the forest to look for soldiers from North Korea. But it turns out that North Korean soldiers have massacred everyone in a village in the forest. After Suleyman walks through the village, Suleyman meets a five year old little girl who is still alive and crying while holding her dead mother’s hand.

Finally Suleyman brought the girl to the headquarters and named Ayla “Moon” because she has a round and cute face. After his term ended and he returned to Turkey, Suleyman wanted to take Ayla to Turkey by putting Ayla in a suitcase, but this failed because he was caught by his friend.

Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]
Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]

Ayla was eventually abandoned by Suleyman but before returning, Suleyman promised to meet Ayla again. After Suleyman returned to Turkey, it turned out that Suleyman was left married by the girl he loved. Then Suleyman marries Nimet the girl chosen by his parents. It was Nimet who became a partner in finding Ayla. After 60 years, Nimet and Suleyman finally meet Ayla. And now Ayla has become a middle-aged woman.

Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]
Ayla The Daughter of War movie [IMDb]

Cast of War Princess Ayla:

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1. Ismail Hacioglu : Suleyman (young)
2. Kim Seol: Ayla (Toddler)
3. Lee Kyung Jin : Ayla (adult)
4. Cetin Tekindor : Suleyman (adult)
5. Ali Atay : Ali
6. Damla Sonmez: Nuran
7. Murat Yildirim: Lieutenant Mesut
8. Eric Robert: Major General Coulter
9. Taner Birsel : Major Fuat
10. Cade Carradine : Captain Cage
11. Mehmet Esen: Colonel Celal
12. Altan Erkekli: Huseyin Dilbirligi
13. Meral Cetinkaya: Name
14. Johnny Young : Lieutenant Lee
15. Ko Eun-min: Ayla (teen)
16. Erkan Petekkaya: Major Iskenderun
17. Chaby Han : Sung Joon
18. Ozturk Cinema : Journalist Ozgen
19. Esra Dermancioglu: As good as Dilbirligi
20. Ali Barkin: Pepe Muharrem
21. Koray Ergun: Halit
22. Janner Kurtaran: Sadik

Reasons to Watch Ayla The Daughter of War

1. Ayla’s film The Daughter of War is not a new film but a film that was released in 2017.

2. This film boomed when it became FYP (For Your Page) on TikTok. And many people are interested in watching this film.

3. The sad story is so touching, that many shed tears because of this film. Many commented sadly because of the story from the film Ayla The Daughter of War.

3. Telling stories about family relationships, between father and son. His father is a former soldier named Suleyman from Turkeyman

4. Ayla, a toddler girl who has a very adorable face, met Suleyman during the war in South Korea in 1950.

5. Ayla became a survivor, but at that time Ayla was only 5 years old and was found crying among the pile of dead victims.

6. After his term ended, Suleyman wanted to take Ayla to Turkey and put Ayla in a suitcase but his friend caught this and ultimately failed to bring Ayla to Turkey. Suleyman finally goes home without Ayla.

7. Unfortunately, his love relationship with a girl in Turkey ran aground because his girlfriend couldn’t wait for Suleyman’s return.

8. Finally Suleyman accepted the offer from his parents to marry Nimet

9. Nimet who accompanies the search for Ayla’s figure. It turned out that this search was because Suleyman had promised to meet Ayla.

10. Suleyman took up to 60 years to fulfill his promise to Ayla. Finally Ayla and Suleyman can meet.

That’s the synopsis of Ayla The Daughter of War and interesting facts about the film based on the true story of war.

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