The following is the Accident Insurance Claim Process to the Jasa Raharja page all

JAKARTA, – Currently, the rate of motor vehicle accidents in Indonesia is still quite high, especially in big cities. Some of them even took their lives.

In order to reduce the burden of accident victims, PT Jasa Raharja (Persero) provides protection in the form of insurance through the Traffic Accident Compulsory Contribution Fund (SWDKLLJ).

This insurance is indirectly paid by each rider per year. However, the provision of accident funds or donations to victims varies as regulated in Law no. 34 of 1964.

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On the official website, there are two social security programs provided by Jasa Raharja. First, the Passenger Accident Insurance of Public Transport Equipment which is implemented based on Law no. 33 of 1964 concerning the Mandatory Accident Insurance Fund.

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This insurance is given to every legitimate passenger of public passenger transportation equipment who has a personal accident, which is caused by the use of public transportation.

Then, Legal Liability Insurance Against Third Parties is implemented by Law no. 34 of 1964 concerning the Road Traffic Accident Fund.

The award is given to every person outside of road traffic transportation who is a victim of an accident due to the use of road traffic transportation equipment.

In other words, this compensation is given to victims who have an accident while using a private vehicle.

However, if the driver who has an accident is the cause of the collision of two or more motorized vehicles, then this is not guaranteed in Law Number 34 of 1964 in conjunction with Government Regulation Number 18 of 1965.

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The Raharja service officer lists the families of accident victims who will be given compensation, Friday (16/4/2021)Photo: Jasa Raharja The Raharja service officer lists the families of accident victims who will be given compensation, Friday (16/4/2021)

To make a Jasa Raharja insurance claim, there is a submission procedure that must be followed. Here are the steps:

1. Complete the form and personal data

2. Forms and personal data can be filled out online at

3. Ensure that documents and evidence of claims are valid and complete

4. Documents will be checked and compensation application process will be started

Meanwhile, for injured victims receiving treatment, the following documents must be attached:

1. Police report in the form of a crime scene sketch or other accident report.

2. Receipt of medical expenses and receipt of drugs officially issued from the hospital.

3. Photocopy of the victim’s ID card.

4. A copy of the referral letter if the victim moves to the hospital.

5. Power of attorney from the victim to the heirs (if authorized) accompanied by a photocopy of the ID card of the victim who received the compensation.

Keep in mind that the maximum limit for submitting a claim to Jasa Raharja is 6 months after the accident.

The right to compensation is no longer valid after 6 months since the accident occurred.


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