The feud is getting hotter and even worse, Nikita Mirzani bluntly accuses Dewi Perssik of liking to play a shaman who makes singers selling well on the big screen, Nyai: Fighting with him is like fighting a genie! – All Pages

GridStar.ID – The name Nikita Mirzani seems to constantly steal the public’s attention.

No wonder the artist who is often called Nyai has earned the nickname of the most controversial artist in Indonesia.

He didn’t even seem afraid to face all the risks from all the words that came out of his spicy mouth.

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Now, the artist who is often called Nyai is reportedly at odds with singer Dewi Perssik.

Nikita Mirzani’s dispute with Dewi Perssik even continues to increase.

Both sides claim to be the most correct.

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Meanwhile, Nikita Mirzani denied ever hitting Dewi Persik on the head.

On the other hand, Dewi Persik admitted that she had hit Nikita Mirzani.

Now Nikita Mirzani made a statement that shocked the public about Dewi Perssik.

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It was mentioned again that Dewi Persik continued to use the services of several shamans as reported by the lambe_turah Instagram video, Tuesday (17/08).

It is also mentioned that Nikita Mirzani is more expensive than Dewi Persik

“Ask his village in Jember how many dukun he visits,” said Nikita Mirzani.

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It was also said that the fight with the Peach Goddess was not with her but with astral beings.

“Imagine fighting him, not against him but a genie,” said Nikmir.

Then explain the reason Dewi Persik always offers a lot of work.

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“But why are they selling, how come the fees are cheap,” said Nikita Mirzani.

It was also explained that Nikita Mirzani’s payment with Dewi Persik was much different.

“Well, what is clear is that the pay is different from mine, so I asked the TV station,” he explained.

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The figure of Dewi Perssik is also considered less proficient in speaking.

“He just said it wasn’t good,” he explained.

Various comments suddenly approached the lambeh_turah Instagram comment column.

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Why didn’t this guy get a receipt, huh?,” wrote Instagram millaelmiara.

Yes, Niki is a great honor for Dewi.. Dewi is a singer.. since 2005, she has been the main character in her soap operas.,” wrote Instagram anita_pratiwi28.

Kudos to Ayu Tingting, many blaspheme but never respond,” wrote Instagram karlinakarin2.


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