The fate of this Fast & Furious character is still a mystery!

Franchise fast and roaring is a unified story that is interconnected with each other, without exception the film 2 Fast 2 Angry which was not so successful and was ranked ninth on Rotten Tomatoes out of ten film franchises Fast and roaring. However, the film and its main character Brian O’Coner have introduced many important characters for the future Fast and roaring, for example Roman played by Tyrese Gibson and Tej played by Chris ‘Ludacris’ Bridges. Now they are an important part of the Dom family.

Franchise fast and roaring indeed often presents many important characters from the ranks of his films. Even their newest movie is F9: Fast Saga has included references to how some of his characters returned, such as Sean Boswell from Tokyo Drift and Han who previously died in Tokyo Drift. Actually besides Roman and Tej there are other important members in the movie 2 Fast 2 Angry, she is Suki, played by Devon Aoki. She and Tej have an on-and-off love affair, and she is also close friends with Brian and Roman.

The Reason Why Suki Should Come Back

Suki is one of the few female racers in the franchise fast and roaring. He is a skilled racer, as evident when he finished second behind Brian during the early races in the film 2 Fast 2 Angry. He along with Brian, Tej, and Roman are the four central characters in the film, so it’s a bit odd that Suki’s character never appears again in the franchise. Fast and roaring, while the other three people are still alive and always involved in the Fast & Furious films in the future.

Suki is a female character in fast and roaring really feminine. Even so, he managed to be a tough racer as well as cute among the boys. Her Honda S2000 car is red and has the image of a tough anime woman, looking like a cross between Barbie and Hot Wheels. Her outfit is also mostly pink and purple, she’s also the leader of the Miami female racer gang which consists of other cute girls besides Suki. He has a likable personality, which can be a good match for the other characters at Dom’s exit.

How Suki Appears in Next Fast & Furious

There are many ways that Suki can return to the franchise fast and roaring. Given his close relationship with Tej, it makes sense for Tej to mention that he left Suki to dominate street car racing in Miami while Tej and the others were away. After all, Suki was one of the people who brought Miami street racing to life 2 Fast 2 Angry, so he can keep going with the help of his girl gang to keep things going.

From there, Suki and her gang of girls can easily emerge to help the Dom family on their next important adventure. Maybe there’s something going on around Miami that Suki and the gang can offer to help the Dom family, who may need a new car or need Suki to design a new drawing for Tej and Roman’s car. That will maximize Suki’s potential, and it’s a shame if fans never see this franchise again Fast and roaring.

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