The Beginning of Dilan and Milea’s Love Story – Watch Netflix – The novel by Pidi Baiq which tells about the love story of Dilan and Milea was brought to the big screen in the film Dilan 1990. What is the synopsis of Dilan 1990 like?

Synopsis of the film Dilan 1990 tells the love story between two young people. Dilan 1990 is the first film that is present to introduce the romantic story between these two lovebirds to the people of Indonesia.

Fajar Bustomi directed the 1990 film Dilan with Pidi Baiq, the author of the novel Dilan who participated in the production of films such as Baracas: Barisan Anti Cinta Asmara, and Koboy Kampus.

Synopsis Dilan 1990

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Iqbaal Ramadhan plays Dilan and Vanesha Prescilla as Milea. The 1990 film Dilan successfully received a warm welcome from the audience. Public enthusiasm for this film is very high because they are curious about how Dilan will be portrayed in the real world through the film.

Dilan 1990 is a drama genre film. The synopsis of this film tells about the encounters experienced by two high school teenagers in Bandung. However, their introduction was also unusual because Dilan’s charm was second to none.

The romance began in 1990 when Milea came to her new school. He is a transfer child from Jakarta to Bandung. Then the introduction brought them closer because of Dilan’s uniqueness, who was kind, smart, and even romantic. Dilan’s way of capturing Mile’s heart is not the same as other male friends.

Conflict in the 1990 Dilan Movie

The conflict in this film is marked by Beni (Brandon Salim), Milea’s boyfriend, not accepting that Milea has a close male friend in Bandung. Beni is described as possessive and very jealous because he is in a long distance relationship with Milea.

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It was not only the conflict between Milea and her lover in Jakarta at that time. There is a conflict at school which makes Milea even more worried about Dilan’s whereabouts. Their journey doesn’t always have a happy ending. There are several new characters that will appear in Milea’s life, not only Dilan. Like Anhan (Giulio Parengkuan), and Kang Adi (Refal Hady) colored the trip.

How will the story of Dilan and Milea continue? Will they always be together and live happy and joyful days?

For those of you who are curious, please read the story by watching the Dilan 1990 film on various online platforms provided such as Netflix. That’s the synopsis of Dilan 1990.

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The Beginning of Dilan and Milea’s Love Story

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The Beginning of Dilan and Milea’s Love Story

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