The Attraction of the Lake Lifestyle – With Lake Real Estate Broker LBJ Bruce Jones

HOOVER, AL / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2021 / Imagine this… It’s a quiet morning, as you sit drinking coffee, watching the world come to life from the deck of your boat, or a comfortable chair on your terrace, the fresh breeze of the beautiful lake water, life is good. Another day is a lively afternoon, full of grandchildren, family, laughter, fishing, sunshine, all that is good in life. For Texas-based Lake LBJ real estate broker Bruce Jones, the lake lifestyle is more than just a state of mind or a temporary fix. Jones is dedicated to living the lake lifestyle on his own, and he works with others to help realize their dreams of living by the lake. His motto represents his love of the lake lifestyle perfectly,

“I live here, work here and play here.”

Jones has a passion for helping people make memories, and live the lives they want, in the locations they want. With a lifelong love for the lake lifestyle, he fondly remembers the days of his childhood, when he played with his family and grandparents.

“I remember when I was here when I was a kid, memories grew up on the lake, and I want that for my clients, their children, and their grandchildren. I started coming to this lake (Lake LBJ) when I was little. nine years.”

Jones explains that while the lake’s lifestyle is beautiful, it’s not without its challenges. He works with people who are new to the lifestyle, or existing ones and need a new or more property and guides them through the various issues that arise with buying and selling lake real estate. Lake properties have a unique concern that homes located in landlocked areas do not. For starters, people are not only looking for homes they like, but also want to consider how close they are to the water, and how they will reach the water from the property. This affects many things, including the price and availability of the property.

First, clients must determine what they are looking for, what they should have, and what a deal breaker is, and they must be very clear about the budget they are working on that will allow them to buy. Next, they need to know what kind of rules and regulations are enforced in and around the lake. Waterlines and floodplains affect landscaping as well as additions and things like placing in pools and spas. Water quality, storage space, use of septic systems, transfer of ownership of septic systems, electrical plans, and other lesser-known technical issues people may not be aware of when considering purchasing a lake property. Jones mentions the prospect of a drought, and how it will affect water access and property availability over time. No two lakes are exactly alike, and every situation will have unique circumstances.

Jones makes the analogy that to find your partner, you have to date different people until someone finds the right match for them, which can sometimes happen quickly and sometimes take a very long time. He has made people fall in love with lake properties in a week, and others who have taken a year to finally find the one they truly love.

Jones was born and raised in West Texas, and has a long professional history in various industries, after 25 years working in the wholesale industry, he switched to real estate in 2005. His grandfather was in real estate and Jones credits him with being inspirational and encouraging him to take the plunge. to the field. Jones works through Lake Homes Realty and is a registered broker for the Texas area, he also leads an award winning team with agents across the state.

Jones embodies his “client first” philosophy in everything he does for clients, taking the extra step to make their move to the lake lifestyle as seamless as possible. He has won several awards for his record high sales, hitting $3.5 and over $10 million on several occasions, and earning his company’s Agent of the Year in 2018. Lake Homes Realty operates in 33 states and operates at the highest levels. integrity. As Jones stocks, they have been named in INC 5000 because they qualify, make the list every year, and the company continues to grow.

Jones devotes his time to educating people at boat shows in Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio, often setting up booths and explaining the ins and outs of life on the lake. She loves giving back to society, and is dedicated to the Texas Special Olympics, and serves as President and Lifelong Honorary Board Member of the Raj Hope Foundation, supporting children and young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through educational and recreational opportunities. Jones is also active as a life member of the Montgomery County Fair and a lifetime member of the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. His last community service was with Granite Shelf Town where he is a member of the city council currently serving his second elected term.

When Jones isn’t working to help people realize their lake lifestyle dreams, you can find him on the water alone, making as many wonderful memories as possible with his wonderful grandchildren. Connect with Bruce Jones and learn more about him website, the lake calls.


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