The #ArrestTrumpNow Movement Trend On Social Media And Here’s Why

Donald Trump no longer in office, no longer in power, and no longer allowed to use all of his social media accounts, but he’s definitely still trending.

This time, he’s trending because people around the world want him to be held accountable for his involvement in the riots and the subsequent takeover of The Capitol.

There is an impressive video compilation circulating, which describes Trump’s push to take action on January 6, saying “we will walk to the Capitol, because you will never take back our country with weakness, you have to show strength.”

Social media believes that the time for action is now.


Video compilation is very accurate. It reveals as Trump incited his huge following to “walk to the Capitol” and take action, and the horrific events that followed remain unanswered in many ways.

The video addresses the fact that more than 500 arrests have been made since that date, and one person was convicted and fined.

People Demand Action

Yet somehow, the man responsible for this mess seems to have just walked away with no punishment or accountability for his actions. Trump may have faced an impeachment trial, but he hasn’t been formally charged, and this entire movement is dedicated to changing that situation altogether.

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Social Media Outrage

Social media has erupted with this hot topic once again taking precedence and attention. No one will ever forget the damage and heartache caused by the Capitol raid.

They will not soon forget the fear, tragedy and mass chaos that ensued.

They especially won’t forget Trump’s role in all of this, and they want him to answer.

Comments to social media flooded in, including; “You’re going to JAILLLLL,” and when one person commented to say; “He really should. But that’s wishful thinking. ,” they were greeted with a response; “I said the same thing. He does anything, because he is allowed.”

Others are weighed with; “Unfortunately he will not face any consequences for his actions,” and “He should have been arrested!” encouraging people to flood the internet with words; “Please catch him!”

Others wrote; “Yeah, they must be trying to hide January 6th under the carpet. #NeverForget #ArrestTrumpNow” which prompted many to support the comment; “Give him a ️.”

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