Targeted by CP-0, Who-Who Will Fate?

One piece 1018 shows an interesting interaction of the CP-0 agent.

They didn’t think much of who would win the war. But they have to make sure one person dies: Who’s-Who.

So it wasn’t just the Who’s-Who who got beat up by Jinbe, CP-0 also wanted to make sure the Who’s-Who didn’t survive. What will happen to the Who’s-Who?

1. Everyone’s Current Situation

One Piece Theory: Targeted by CP-0, What's the Fate of Whom? Piece

Who’s-Who continued to fight one on one against Jinbe.

This former CP9 had given an interesting action, but in the end Jinbe managed to beat him at the end of chapter 1018.

Has he been eliminated? We still have to wait for chapter 1019 to confirm.

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2. CP-0 is like hoping Jinbe will kill Who’s-Who, but I don’t think that’s going to happen

One Piece Theory: Targeted by CP-0, What's the Fate of Whom?Jinbe (left) and Who’s-Who (right). Various sources

When talking about the Who’s-Who, agent CP-0 said, “After all, he fought Jinbe.” As if to show that he believed Jinbe would kill the Who’s-Who.

But I doubt Jinbe will kill the Who’s-Who. Even if he wins, it looks like Jinbe will leave the Who’s-Who and continue to help Yamato, or the Straw Hats.

Mainly because even though the Who’s-Who had provoked Jinbe’s emotions, and he had a grudge against Shanks and Luffy, the Who’s-Who didn’t really do much for Jinbe and the Straw Hats.

Even if Jinbe, or anyone else, threatened to kill the Who’s-Who, I suspect the Who’s’-Who would try to beg for forgiveness by bringing the World Government information he had.

3. So what is the fate of Who’s-Who after this?

One Piece Theory: Targeted by CP-0, What's the Fate of Whom? Piece

CP-0 will probably only start the Who’s-Who hunt if they hear that the former CP9 is safe.

Who can save the Who’s-Who after that?

Jinbe might be able to turn to protecting the Who’s-Who if the Who’s-Who could convince Jinbe. But I doubt that can happen, unless the information Who’s-Who is about to give is really important.

Another person who could unexpectedly protect the Who’s-Who could be X Drake.

One Piece Theory: Targeted by CP-0, What's the Fate of Whom?Toei/One Piece Stampede Animation

Yes, Drake. The figure who was initially attacked by the Who’s-Who.

Why do I think so? Because if we look at Drake’s reaction when reporting CP-0’s activities to Koby, SWORD and the World Government don’t know each other’s movements.

It could be that SWORD and CP-0 do not have the same mission. It’s even possible that SWORD acts outside of CP-0, and maybe even goes against the World Government.

If that’s the case, then X Drake might be interested in Who’s-Who intel.

In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turns out that one of Drake’s goals for sneaking into Kaido’s organization was to find the Who’s-Who, a former government agent who managed to escape from prison.

Another possibility is that Who’s-Who will be executed by CP-0 but maybe he didn’t die in vain.

I suspect that if this happens, Who’s-Who will have time to pass the information on to someone. I again suspected that Drake was that person.

Well, that’s my theory of the fate of the Who’s-Who.

What do you think will happen to this former CP9? Say it in the comments column!

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