Surrender? Wenny Ariani Invites Rezky Aditya to Release Responsibility, As Long As Citra Kirana’s Husband Confesses: Confess Together

image.ID – Not yet found a bright spot, Wenny Ariani’s lawsuit against Citra Kirana’s husband, Rezky Aditya, continues.

Rezky Aditya’s confession is still awaited by Wenny Ariani.

Previously, Wenny Ariani claimed to have given birth to Rezky Aditya’s flesh and blood in 2013.

The two are known to be in love without marriage ties.

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Silent for 8 years, now Wenny Ariani urges recognition from Rezky Aditya.

Wenny Ariani didn’t ask for anything, only Rezky Aditya’s confession about his flesh and blood.

Wenny Ariani even apologized to Citra Kirana for being forced to drag her husband’s name like this.

But unfortunately, until this moment, Rezky Aditya’s side is still silent without any clarification.

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Rezky Aditya’s silence affected Wenny Ariani’s determination to some extent.

Moreover, at the first trial held on June 14, 2021 at the Tangerang District Court, Rezky Aditya was not present at all.

Represented by his attorney, in the mediation session, Rezky Aditya still has not provided clarification.

On the other hand, Rezky Aditya looks like he is still living his life as if Wenny Ariani’s lawsuit is meaningless.

Rezky Aditya’s thousand-language attitude made Wenny Ariani think about giving up.

Regarding his lawsuit, if Rezky Aditya wants to ignore all his actions, Wenny Ariani admits that he does not hold a grudge.

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Reporting from Celebrity’s YouTube show on Cam, Thursday (22/7/2021) Wenny Ariani doesn’t mind if Citra Kirana’s husband doesn’t want to be responsible for his actions.

Even though Rezky Aditya doesn’t want to be responsible, the child is still Wenny Ariani’s flesh and blood.

“Although not responsible, Kekey is still my child,” said Wenny Ariani.

Wenny Ariani expresses her wish from Rezky Aditya

Screenshot of Oncam Celebrity News channel YouTube channel

Wenny Ariani expresses her wish from Rezky Aditya

“At least my son saw his mother fighting for the truth of her status, if I apologize, I have no grudge, it’s over,” he added.

However, regarding the child’s confession, Wenny Ariani did not want to compromise.

For Wenny Ariani, Rezky Aditya’s confession is his son’s right that must be fought for and cannot be contested.

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If Rezky Aditya doesn’t want to take responsibility, he’s fine, but Wenny Ariani asks him to acknowledge his flesh and blood status.

“But one truth, I want my child’s status to be recognized together,” explained Wenny Ariani.

“That means yes, there is indeed this child, it is impossible for me to give birth alone,” he added.

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