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Warrenton Mayor Carter Nevill provides magical sanctuary in the city courthouse.

Mayor Carter Nevill has been seen on several occasions around town wearing a flowing purple robe. Warrenton Police are allegedly concerned about activity around a tree similar to the “Mighty Willow”. The front window of PrissyLily’s plant shop features a “bird” that looks like a flying key.

It’s all a sign of behind-the-scenes preparation for the city’s first Warrenton Wizards Walk. The day of magic games and events is set for July 17, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., hosted by several dozen Old Town businesses.


Witch magic show brought to you by Illusions by Vick will take place at 4 pm

Children of all ages are welcome to fly into Old Town and park their broom. They can participate in fun activities at local businesses, enjoy butterbeers and be sorted into magic houses on Main Street and beyond.

Mason Enterprise Center will offer Quidditch table games; Sherrie’s Stuff will host the potion brewing; Haute Cakes will offer wizard cake decorations; Denim and Pearl will feature magic cocktails for adults and wizards alike; and other restaurants will have magic-themed food and drinks.

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Is anyone ready for a potion class? VonCanon General Store wants to know.

That Fauquier Time will be changed to Fauquier Quibbler for a day. Interested readers can view the latest magic news on the big screen at City Hall.

Today’s highlights include four peak hour activities – across four blocks on Main Street. At 1pm, children are welcome to join in the magic game between 1st and 2nd street. At 2pm, remote control Quidditch demonstration will start between 2nd and 3rd street. The owl demonstration – with a real owl from the Bird in Hand Conservancy – will be held between 3rd and 4th avenues at 3pm. Between 4th and 5th Streets at 4pm, a wizard who bears a striking resemblance to Severus Snape will delight the audience with a magic show usually reserved for potions classes.


Nikki’s Bird Stamps at the Conservation Hand.

Upon arrival, the children will receive a wizard passport with activities to complete. After four activities, they can be sorted into the Old Town wizard’s house and after filling the card, they will receive a unique commemorative coin in the Town Hall – from Mayor Carter Nevill himself.

Nevill was very excited about the event and at the time the press was preparing to take promotional photos. When asked to take pictures, he asked, “Can we wait a few days, until my new witch hat comes in?”

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