Solid Story but Lacking Cover

Film Gundam Hathaway is currently showing in Japanese theaters and you can watch it on the Netflix service.

This film is a continuation of the film story Gundam Char Counterattack adapted from a novel Gundam Hathaway Flash but with a slightly different story (because this continues the film Gundam CCA).

Like what review us from this movie? Let’s take a look at the following.

1. Solid story from the start

Gundam Hathaway Review: Solid Story but Lacks Closingdock. Netflix

Film Gundam Hathaway is a series Gundam which indeed carries the theme of “politics”, it is only natural because the setting is at Universal Century (UC).

However, the film starts off with fun and there are even action scenes right from the start of the film.

Overall, we are shown how the story after Neo Zeon attacked the Federation and how the effect after Neo Zeon lost.

Chaotic conditions and social inequality on Earth are also one of the benchmarks in the story, because that is one of the motivations of our main character, Hathaway Noa and this is successfully presented constantly, allowing us to go deeper into the story.

2. Hathaway’s attractive feature is its position in the gray zone

Gundam Hathaway Review: Solid Story but Lacks Closingdock. Netflix

As the title suggests, our main character in this film is Hathaway Noa, the daughter of a high-ranking official from the Federation, Bright Noa who is now on the “grey” side.

From Gundam Char CounterattackIn fact, Hathaway Noa’s character is actually less attractive, even tends to be annoying for some people.

But here after being 12 years older, she had somewhat different characteristics especially when she became Mafty Navue Erin. The characteristics are very interesting here.

Not to mention we’re shown how the dilapidated Federation that makes Mafty’s reason for moving as a terrorist, allows us to empathize with Hathaway, even though their way is also not entirely correct.

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3. Stunning graphics, cinema quality indeed

Gundam Hathaway Review: Solid Story but Lacking Coverdock. Netflix

One of the things that I find very interesting and very “beautiful” from the first film in this trilogy is the graphic animation.

Here you can say that the animation quality is very good and the character designs and designs mechait’s also very good.

It really feels like cinema quality or cinema film quality, it’s only natural that this film becomes a feature film Gundam most successful today.

4. But the cover is a bit not good, it actually feels really short

Gundam Hathaway Review: Solid Story but Lacking Coverdock. Netflix

The film has a climactic scene, when Hathaway gets the Xi Gundam and then she confronts Lane Aim, the pilot of Penelope from the Federation.

Xi Gundam and Penelope will indeed be rivals who will be highlighted in the next two films, but their confrontation has occurred since the end of the first film.

Regarding the third point, the animation is really cool in the peak scene. But the problem is that this scene feels so short that sensationless awake.

Hopefully we get to see more of their fights in the next movie, okay? There he is review Gundam Hathaway from my

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