Smart Tips for Choosing COVID-19 Insurance

Jakarta, IDN Times – In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for health services is increasing. Moreover, COVID-19 patients with severe symptoms of course require treatment from health facilities (faskes) or hospitals (RS).

Currently, the government has designated a number of hospitals in all regions as COVID-19 referrals. At referral hospitals, COVID-19 patients can seek treatment at government expense.

However, not a few patients also choose to seek treatment independently in order to get treatment that is more practical, faster, and better. Because, to be able to seek treatment at a COVID-19 referral hospital, patients usually have to go through a referral process.

In addition, there are several private insurance companies that offer coverage for treating COVID-19 patients. However, to get it the customer must be observant so as not to make the wrong choice.

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1. Must understand the police carefully

Smart Tips for Choosing Insurance for Handling COVID-19Hospital illustration. IDN Times/Arief Rahmat

Quoted from life partner, Thursday (2/9/2021), you must carefully understand the policies offered when choosing insurance that covers the cost of treating COVID-19 patients.

You must read the policy agreement carefully so as not to get caught in a misunderstanding about coverage.

It is not uncommon for customer claims to be rejected because they are not in accordance with the approved policy. Especially in terms of the type of risk borne and the amount of coverage provided by insurance.

2. Make sure you know the insurance limit

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Smart Tips for Choosing Insurance for Handling COVID-19Illustration of the bill (IDN Times/Mardya Shakti)

You also have to know the limit of each claim from the insurance you choose. Usually the claim limit will be informed before you approve the policy. In fact, many insurance companies publish limits on the insurance products they sell.

Well, when you get information about the insurance limit you choose, make sure the limit value is higher than the latest estimated COVID-19 treatment costs so you don’t have to bear the rest of the other treatment costs.

You are also advised to understand whether the insurance of your choice provides unit link benefits or a lump sum investment or not.

If you are not looking for investment profits, avoid insurance products that are wrapped in investment because the premiums will be more expensive and the insurance value will be reduced because it is divided by the investment management costs.

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3. Understand the insurance claim process

Smart Tips for Choosing Insurance for Handling COVID-19Money Illustration. (IDN Times/Aditya Pratama)

Understanding the claims process is especially important if you have to get treatment at a hospital that doesn’t work directly with your insurance of choice.

In addition, health insurance claims for the treatment of COVID-19 patients must be adjusted to the type of coverage selected. You as the insured must first be clinically proven to have COVID-19 and require medical treatment at a cost that is included in the selected insurance coverage limit.

For information, some health insurance companies limit the types of diseases caused by COVID-19 that can be covered. There are also some insurance companies that can cover more types of diseases, but with a smaller limit.

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