Sharla Cheung Between Stephen Chow and Andy Lau


Who remembers the figure of Sharla Cheung? The actress who has starred in a number of Mandarin films in the 90s is known for her beautiful face.

He also played roles with famous actors Stephen Chow and Andy Lau. Even Sharla Cheung reportedly fell in love with Stephen Chow at the end of 1988.

But he denied it and said that he and Asian Comedy King were just colleagues. He also mentioned that Stephen Chow has a world of his own and prefers to spend time alone.

The woman whose full name is Sharla Cheung Man is a Hong Kong actress and film producer. She started her film career in 1986 in The Magic Crystal as Winnie Shen.

She also participated in the Miss Asia pageant at that time. Then in early 1988 Cheung got the chance to play in a film opposite Stephen Chow.

Not infrequently, he was made a partner in the film he played with Chow. In fact, both of them had been acting opponents in a number of 10 film titles throughout 1988-1994.

Cheung’s Chow films include All for the Winner (1990) as Yee Meong, God of Gamblers II (1990) as Dream Lo, First of Fury 1991 (1991) as Mandy Fok, Fight Back to School (1991) ) as Miss Ho, Royal Tramp (1992) as empress and loner, and King of Beggars (1992) as Yu-shang.

In addition, Cheung has also acted in a number of films with Andy Lau. Among these are the films God of Gamblers (1989) as Janet, God of Gamblers II (1990) as Dream Lo, and Lee Rock (1991) as Grace.

Sharla CheungSharla Cheung and Stephen Chow Photo: Internet

This woman born February 7, 1967 finally chose to leave as an actress in the late 90s, and chose to continue her career as a film producer. Unfortunately, this option did not last long. The reason is, his films, namely Dream Lover and Romantic Dream, are less attractive to the public.

Finally, she decided to return to being an actress in a TV series. The last title of the TV series he played was Fan Fu Da (2006). In the drama genre series, Sharla Cheung plays the role of Nian Ren.

Now Sharla Cheung has completely retired from acting. He chose to place himself on the Buddha’s teachings and was not too concerned with worldly affairs.

Even his colleagues’ debts of up to Rp 50 billion were forgiven because they had not been paid for decades.

Sharla CheungSharla Cheung’s appearance made a scene. Photo: Sharla Cheung/ Private

“I made money by fighting to stay up late filming every night and shedding my blood and sweat. Even though I’ve been collecting money over the years, he still refuses to pay,” he told senior reporter Bai Lu Mei at the time.

Sharla Cheung believed that this was the will of the Almighty, so she no longer had problems with debt and chose to give up.

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