Shania Twain, 55, captivated fans in a luxurious bodysuit and gown as she shared the exciting news

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Shania Twain is no stranger to the stage and during her performances, she has worn some impressive outfits.

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In her latest social media upload, the mother of one shares a selection of performances from her past concerts in a collage, which included her wearing a white bodysuit paired with a luxurious white wrap dress and boots.

Other looks include a sparkly pink mini dress with thigh high heels, and a metallic blue dress.

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Shania shared the collage along with the exciting announcement, as he reveals new details from Let’s Go! residence.

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He wrote: “Vegas, are you ready for some more fun? I’m so excited to be back at @zappostheater for a Let’s Go residency! me!! Tickets available now (link in bio).”

Fans were quick to comment on the news, with one caption: “Sweet – I can’t wait!” while another wrote: “I will be there on my birthday next year in February!” A third added: “This is great news.”

Shania Twain looks amazing in a range of outfits – including a white bodysuit and a fancy dress

The others were transfixed by Shania’s fashion appearance, with one caption: “You look beautiful and beautiful,” while another added: “You look like a goddess!”

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Shania opened up about where she lives to People magazine recently and said it felt great to be back there again. “I love Vegas. I like it there. I like the food. I like the people. I like the visitors. There are different flags in the audience all the time and it’s fun,” he said.

shania-twain-red carpet

Shania can’t wait to come back to Las Vegas to perform

“Everyone was there to party and that’s what I did there. So that’s good. And the sound is good. Exquisite.”

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The 55-year-old works hard to stay in shape for her energetic show and credits yoga, pilates, dancing and walking.

Shania Twain

This 55 year old man has a lot of fans

She also maintains her youthful figure by following a plant-based diet. “I don’t eat meat, fish or eggs,” said Shania Las Vegas Weekly.

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“I’ve never eaten large amounts of meat, but I have more energy now. I eat a lot of tofu, and I drink a soy shake with fruit every morning. I always eat soybeans, black beans, or chickpeas for lunch or dinner. “

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