Seeing LGBT Elements in Cyanide Series and Other Indonesian Films


Cyanide, WeTV’s original series which was just released on Wednesday (25/8), is getting enough attention on social media. In addition to the story that carries the case of the cyanide coffee murder, this series also features a pair of lesbians who have received quite a lot of public attention, especially on social media.

Cyanida tells the story of Amelia (Jihane Almira) and Jenny (Aghniny Haque) who are lovers who have loved each other since the beginning. The series, starring Jihane Almira and Jenny as a lesbian couple, is the first Indonesian series that dares to present LGBT.

Cyanide SeriesJihane Almira and Agniny Haque in Cyanide. Photo: Doc. wife

The love story of same-sex couples is still a taboo issue to be raised in Indonesian cinema. Although LGBT is still a taboo issue in Indonesian cinema, the roles of Aghniny Haque and Jihane Almira in the Cyanida series do not receive too many negative comments on social media. Some viewers are more focused on the cyanide coffee box.

Regarding LGBT and Indonesian films, long before the release of the Cyanida series, there were actually several Indonesian films that also linked LGBT in the story. Even the one that was very excited in 2019, namely the film Kucumbu Body Indahku, was very closely related to LGBT.

Kucumbu My Beautiful Body received a lot of negative responses from the public because it was associated with LGBT issues. They even experienced bans from several groups of people because they were considered to be promoting LGBT.

Meanwhile, Kucumbu My Beautiful Body is a film that tells about a Lengger dancer who is looking for his identity. However, this lengger dance is a dance performed by a man who looks like a woman.

This is the problem with some people who think this film promotes LGBT. Even though lengger is an original Indonesian art from the Banyumas area.

Kucumbu My Beautiful BodyScenes in Kucumbu My Beautiful Body. Photo: ‘Kucumbu My Beautiful Body’ (imdb.)

Besides Kucumbu My Beautiful Body, there are several other Indonesian films that are closely related to LGBT, such as Arisan! (2003), Sharing Husband (2006) and Beautiful Men (2011). Similar to Kucumbu Body Indahku, the film Lovely Man was also banned from a number of community organizations and only aired for six days because it was associated with LGBT.

This proves that LGBT is still a taboo issue in Indonesian cinema. However, the Cyanida series, which also carries the story of this kind of relationship, still gets a pretty good response from the public, especially on social media.

Although there was a kiss scene between Aghniny and Jihane, the audience’s response after watching episode 1 of the Cyanida series was not only focused on same-sex couples. There are still many who focus more on the cyanide coffee murder case against Amelia.

Quite a number of comments actually guessed who was the real mastermind of the cyanide coffee case.

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