‘Sangihe Not For Sale’ Launched, Documentary Film Against Mining Companies

Manado, BeritaManado.com – Various methods and models of struggle were carried out by the people of the Sangihe Islands Regency, North Sulawesi, to fight the gold mining companies that were undermining them.

Not only prosecution of demonstrations, lawsuits to court, signing of petitions, but also other creative ways continue to be carried out. As initiated by Audro Chrustofel and his friends from Sangihe Documentery Film (SDF) through the film Sangihe Not For Sale.

Previously, Audro Cs wanted to launch an offline film in Sangihe on Sunday night, August 15, 2021, but the Sangihe Resort Police did not allow it due to the implementation of Community Activity Restrictions (PPKM).

So that a number of institutions such as the North Sulawesi Love and Peace Movement (GCDS), AJI Manado, Save Sangihe Island (SSI), Minaesa Voice of Conscience Foundation (YSNM), the Indonesian Society of Environmental Journalists (SIEJ) and the Indonesian Cyber ​​Media Association (AMSI) North Sulawesi, initiated this initiative. – launching and watching films together at the 76th Indonesian Independence Day at the AMSI Secretariat of North Sulawesi, Jalan Elang Raya 3, East Malalayang 1, Manado.

“This film is more than 1 hour long with shooting only via cellphone. This is the third documentary film made by Sangihe Documentary Film,” said Audro in a discussion before the screening which was attended by a number of residents virtually.

He said the film Sangihe Not For Sale photographed the current condition of the Sangihe community towards the gold mining company PT Tambang Mas Sangihe (TMS).

“I wake up my friends, don’t sleep too long but wake up quickly because our area will be destroyed by mining companies. The name of a mining company will definitely damage people’s lives and give birth to various other negative things,” said the man who graduated from the Indonesian Institute of the Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta.

Jull Takaliuang from Save Sangihe Island (SSI), appreciated the spirit of Audro Cs who made the film.

“Our struggle requires a long energy and creative ways to run a mining company that has big money. Kudos to Sangihe Documentery Film, who has worked so hard to produce this film,” said the North Sulawesi female activist.

He said that later this film would become an educational medium when meeting people in the village.

“We will continue to fight together so that an inch of our land is not taken by mining companies that harm our own community,” he added.

Chairman of AMSI North Sulawesi Agust Hari as the host of the launching and film Noreng hopes that the media can provide a portion of coverage of mining cases, including in Sangihe.

“I think that the launch and shooting of the film at the AMSI Secretariat of North Sulawesi gives the spirit that the media is involved in reporting the mining case in Sangihe. This secretariat is not only a gathering place for media and journalists for training and discussion, but also provides a space for oppressed people to express themselves,” said Agust accompanied by AMSI Secretary Supardi Bado.

  • 42 Thousand Hectare Will Be Mined

For your information, the Sangihe Islands Regency is located at the northern tip of Indonesia, bordering the Philippines.

Or about 8 hours by boat from Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi.

This area has the potential of abundant natural wealth, one of which is fisheries.

Then endemic birds and various agricultural products such as nutmeg and cloves.

Since this case was launched, the community then sued the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) to the Jakarta State Administrative Court for issuing permits for 42,000 hectares of community land to be mined in seven sub-districts and 80 villages which are community living spaces with culture and customs. kinship, customs, historical values, origins, ancestral graves and family graves. Also religious values, houses of worship, schools and livelihood spaces.

Residents filed a lawsuit against the Decree of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources issued on January 29, 2021 regarding the approval to increase the stages of production operation activities for PT Tambang Mas Sangihe’s contract of work.

The lawsuit was submitted to the Jakarta State Administrative Court (PTUN), at the end of last June.

The reason is that the mining permit process on Sangihe Island is suspected to have violated several laws and regulations in Indonesia.

Residents were surprised because they never knew about the Amdal permit process.

Residents refused mining and chose to continue farming cloves, bananas, coconuts and other crops.

For residents, agricultural and garden products are sufficient for their children’s needs and even for their children’s school fees.

Moreover, Sangihe Island is an area prone to and prone to natural disasters.

There is a volcano in the middle of Sangihe Island, namely Mount Awu.

Sangihe Island is also flanked by two underwater volcanoes, namely Kawio in the waters north of Sangihe, and Banua Wuku Mahangetang in the south of Sangihe.

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