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NOVA.id – Actor Rizky Billar is currently grieving. Rizky Billar has just lost a valuable figure in his marriage to Lesti Kejora.

It is known, the figure is senior singer Elly Kasim.

Elly Kasim became the figure behind the scenes of Rizky Billar’s traditional events, one of which was when Balacuik Malapeh Bujang.

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Quoted from TribunWow, Elly Kasim had fainted and had to be rushed to the hospital during the traditional procession.

Launching the Raja TV YouTube channel, Wednesday (25/08), Rizky Billar expressed his sense of loss.

On that occasion, Rizky Billar admitted that he had only met twice and was impressed by the spirit of the 76-year-old woman.

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Rizky Billar said, Elly Kasim apparently was sick while taking care of the event.

In the end, Elly Kasim had to be rushed to the hospital during the traditional Balacuik Malapeh Bujang procession.

“During the reading of the siraman yesterday, Balacuik Minang wasn’t there, Mother wasn’t there.”

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“Then his relatives who also took care of the event, and also his son told my WO that Mrs. Elly was being treated at that time,” said Rizky Billar.

However, at that time Rizky Billar did not know Elly Kasim’s condition.

The reason is, WO is worried that Rizky Billar’s concentration will be disturbed.

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Rizky Billar said, Elly Kasim still had time to think about himself even though he was being treated in the ICU.

“I just found out that Mrs. Elly was always in the ICU when she said my name. And even while lying in the hospital he was thinking about my program, whether it was finished or not,” said Rizky Billar.

“This proves that Mrs. Elly’s professionalism is extraordinary, even though she is sick, she still thinks about the project she is working on,” he continued.

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Furthermore, Rizky Billar also conveyed his prayers for Elly Kasim.

“I wish the best for Mrs. Elly and can only thank you profusely for your involvement, participation, and helping a lot in the process of my series of events,” said Rizky Billar.

“And may Mother Elly get the best place by His side,” he added.

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For information, Elly Kasim died of a chronic digestive disease that resulted in complications.

Elly Kasim passed away at MMC Kuningan Hospital, Jakarta, Wednesday (25/08) yesterday.

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