Rich Free? This is how Hotman Paris is not infected with Covid-19, Rp. 30 Billion Lawyers Show Off Anti-Virus Jackets And Earplugs

figure.ID – It’s no secret, Hotman Paris Hutapea is indeed dubbed as one of the lawyers for rich artists.

The 61-year-old man nicknamed the Rp 30 billion lawyer is now showing off his luxury again.

Yes, Hotman Paris recently surprised the public when he showed off wearing an anti-virus jacket sent by one of the dancers.

This Batak lawyer is known to be quite horrified by the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Via Instagram account @hotmanparisofficial, Tuesday (6/7/2021), the lawyer shared the impression that contained his narrative.

Hotman Paris was seen standing in front of the swimming pool wearing a white shirt and jacket.

The jacket looks made of plastic or rubber with the words Stay Healthy pinned on the side of the zipper.

In the description column, Hotman Paris wrote that the jacket was an anti-virus jacket.

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“Greetings Hotman Paris,” said Hotman Paris, starting his speech.

Hotman Paris admitted to experiencing excessive fear due to the Corona Virus which was endemic.

For fear of being infected, he was willing to plug his ears with cotton and tissue.

The reason, Hotman Paris heard that the virus can be transmitted through the eyes or ears.

“We are getting more and more paranoid, including Hotma, more and more paranoid,” said Hotman Paris.

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Hotman Paris Hutapea's upload on his personal Instagram account, Tuesday (6/7/2021).  Hotman Paris shows off wearing an anti-virus jacket sent by Liza Nathalia.

(Instagram @hotmanparisofficial)

Hotman Paris Hutapea’s upload on his personal Instagram account, Tuesday (6/7/2021). Hotman Paris shows off wearing an anti-virus jacket sent by Liza Nathalia.

“My ears, I covered with cotton, with a tissue, he said the virus could enter from the eye, from the ear, and out of nowhere.”

To overcome these fears, Hotman Paris showed a jacket that was claimed to be clothing to ward off the virus.

He also revealed that the jacket was a gift from Liza Natalia.

“Finally got a jacket, a very good jacket, look at this,” said Hotman Paris.

“The newest jacket from Liza Natalia, the beautiful and sexy gymnastics teacher, look at this.”

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In his trademark style, the flamboyant lawyer insisted on wearing a jacket.

Apparently, the anti-virus jacket was equipped with a hood that was also fitted with transparent plastic on the face.

Thus, it can reduce the risk of contracting viruses that are transmitted through droplets or airborne.

“Okay? Everything is closed, eyes and nose are closed, and this jacket is very cheap,” said Hotman Paris.

He also demonstrated his style wearing a special jacket while in court.

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Hotman Paris opened and closed the hood of his jacket while pretending to talk to the judge.

“Later, when Hotman goes to court, ‘Dear Judge’ closes first, ‘Free my client’, closes again,” said Hotman Paris.

Hotman Paris excitedly walked to the right and left hilariously.

“Let it go again, human astronaut,” he said.

The upload immediately received a response from the jacket sender, Liza Natalia.

He is grateful that the lawyer has promoted his product and prays that Hotman Paris is always healthy.

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“Ah, thank you hotman, always healthy, @hotmanparisofficial,” wrote @lizanataliaofficial.

On the other hand, Hotman Paris’s actions drew various responses from netizens.

Some of them claimed to be entertained and happy to see the lawyer’s humor.

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“So I’m laughing, sis,” wrote @rianamariana114.

“From my heart bro.. so I have to be happy everywhere, sis, healthy, sis,” wrote @brianamutiara.

“See, hotman is very enthusiastic, so follow his enthusiasm,” wrote @enochocolatozz.


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