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*(SPOILER ALERT) This article contains a few leaks of the Free Guy movie that might be annoying for those of you who haven’t watched it.

Film Free Men become one of the newest Hollywood films whose presence has been eagerly awaited since 2020. How about it? In this comedy action film, we seem to enter the world of games. However, this film is not a game adaptation. It’s just that, a lot of game elements and pop culture other people who are references and Easter Eggs.

Movie synopsis Free Men tells the story of Guy (Ryan Reynolds), a bank teller who lives as an NPC aka Non-Player Character, in computer games. As an NPC, his life is controlled by computer code, not humans. He lives in the game Free City. Unfortunately, the game is closed soon and Guy, realizing that he is an AI, instead fights the game’s creator, Antwan (Taika Waititi) with the help of other player characters.

The film was originally scheduled for release on July 3, 2020, but was postponed to December 11, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, on November 5, 2020, the film was indefinitely postponed, before being rescheduled to May 21, 2021. Free Men is now slated for release on August 13, 2021 in theaters.

Interestingly, Ryan Reynolds has reported follow-up plan Free Men. This was announced after the film enjoyed a successful opening weekend in the United States by pocketing $26 million.

KINCIR got the chance to watch this film live on line . How’s the fun? Come see review film Free Men typical KINCIR below.

Free Men’s Movie Reviews

When GTA and Fortnite Mixed Seasoned Drama, Action and Comedy

Free Men's Movie Reviews

Guy Via Movie Review Free

Dock. 20th Century Studio

premise Free Men often compared to Truman Show (1998) and it is not difficult to understand why, because they are very similar. Both tell the story of the life of a man who lives an engineered life. If Guy is in the game Free City, Truman on the road reality show through television.

Then, Guy’s story develops further into a video game character who must save his world from disaster. It also reminds us of an animated movie Wreck-It Ralph (2012).

Matt Lieberman and Zak Penn wrote the screenplay for Free Men really a surprise. Character development is not only centered on the main character, the supporters even give their own impression. This treatment is like Penn does in the movies Ready Player One (2018).

Shawn Levy who directed this film also did an extraordinary thing. It also became Levy’s first film to be filmed with Panavision (anamorphic lenses). From the middle of the first act to the third act, they really intend to give us an amazing action film. Just look, since the trailer was released, we know that this film has similar gameplay elements to Big Car Theft and Fortnite.

fictional city Free City based on Liberty City of Grand Theft Auto III (2001) and Grand Theft Auto IV (2008). Feeling familiar? Yep, Liberty City is indeed inspired by the beauty of New York City in real life.

Representation of gamers in Free Men presented based on in-depth research. We can see strange gamer behavior, such as the behavior of characters and NPCs fighting, shooting, and even lunging at random.

This film is one of the impacts of esports that is worldwide thanks to Call of Duty, Fortnite, Peak Legend, etc. He has also inspired other popular culture, including audio-visuals. Before Free Men, there are other events that are also driving this social change, including the series Myth Mission and movies Ready Player One.

Free Men's Movie Reviews

Guy Via Movie Review Free

Dock. 20th Century Studio

The acting of the actors in this film clearly supports the positive response of the audience and critics. Jodie Comer as Millie and Joe Keery as Keys can position themselves as supporting characters, although their stories are the common thread of this film.

It’s also thanks to Ryan Reynolds knowing when his moment shines, and when he gives Comer and Kerry the stage. Fun facts-his, Free Men became one of two Reynolds films with a character named Guy. Apart from this film, there are The Croods: New Age postponed until 2021.

Then, there’s Taika Waititi’s great acting as Antwan, the CEO developer game Free City ambitious and being the boss poisonous borne by the employees. Fortunately, our grudge against Antwan can be eased thanks to Lil Rel Howery as Buddy, Guy’s best friend who appears minimal but memorable. Not to forget, several times Utkarsh Ambudkar played Mouser, Keys’ friend.

Free Men's Movie Reviews

Guy Via Movie Review Free

Dock. 20th Century Studio

Film Free Men It’s even more fun with famous game YouTubers making cameos, like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Imane “Pokimane” Anys, and Lannan “LazarBeam” Eacott. There’s also Seán “Jacksepticeye” McLoughlin who voices the game character Q*bert.

Not to forget, there were also cameos from Hollywood celebrities, including Hugh Jackman, Dwayne Johnson, Tina Fey, Aaron W. Reed, John Krasinski, and Chris Evans. Interestingly, most of the cameos are friends of Ryan Reynolds in the real world. Oh yes, this film is also the last cameo appearance of the late Alex Trebek in a film.

Visuals and Score Suitable for Watching on the Big Screen

Remember Free Men Based on the in-game world, it’s no wonder there’s a lot of CGI in this film. Shooting wide also provides an experience like we are playing a game and move the character anywhere.

Makin cover because of George Richmond’s cold hands. As a cinematographer, he did a great job shooting this film. Many beautiful shots and cameras guided us around the Free City with ease.

Then, more perfect with touch score a goal from Christopher Beck. Uniquely, apart from the reference from the game, we can also hear theme song some popular movies, like Jurassic Park, Avengers, until Star Wars.

With visuals and score a goal This amazing experience provides an extraordinary experience while watching on the big screen. Hopefully we can watch this film when the cinema opens later.


Free Men is a fun action thriller with all the elements to indulge gamers. It’s definitely more than what the trailer suggests. In the United States, the film will premiere on August 13, 2021.

How? More curious about this film, right? Especially on Rotten Tomatoes, this film can be “Fresh Certified” with a Tomatometer score of 83% and an Audience Score of 95%. Wait for this film to be shown in theaters or legally on the platform flow, Yes.


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