(REVIEW) Crazy Couple Ballad (2021)

*(SPOILER ALERT) This article contains a few leaks from Ballad of a Crazy Lover, which may be annoying for those of you who haven’t watched it.

Love stories about the rich and the poor or different ethnic groups or religions, we may have seen. However, what if there is a film that tells about a lovebird who has a mental disorder?

On August 20, 2021, Falcon Pictures and KlikFilm screened a drama film based on the story of Han Gagas from Falcon Script Hunt 2020. The film is titled Crazy Lovers Ballad. Then, how’s the fun? Listen review typical KINCIR below.

Synopsis and Film Review Crazy Couple Ballad

The story of two crazy people who fall in love

Movie synopsis Crazy Couple Ballad Tells the story of Jarot (Denny Sumargo) and Lastri (Sara Fajira). Both have mental disorders. Jarot had been in the hospital for a long time and after his condition improved, he was released. Unfortunately, because he has no family. He also wanders.

While Lastri is a madman whose story is even sadder. She was raped by many thugs. Lastri was furious and killed several thugs, so she had to go to jail. During the confinement period, there was someone who claimed to be close to his family. He was released. But it turned out to be a hoax. Lastri is released for sale only.

Lastri runs away and meets Jarot. Both have a crush on each other. So, can Jarot and Lastri really become one?

Films labeled 17+ Full of Social Criticism

Synopsis and Review Ballad of a Crazy Lover Couple

Synopsis and Review Ballad of a Crazy Lover Couple Via

Dock. Falcon Pictures

Although it tells the story of a pair of ODGJ (people with mental disorders) who fall in love with each other, this film also has several scenes that are full of social criticism. For example, the rise of corruption cases that are not punished or artists who like to show off luxury goods. Then, the security forces who often disperse the homeless with a rude attitude.

Everything feels close to what is happening around us every day. This film also raises social issues, such as cases of rape against people with mental disorders. Anggy Umbara as the director also said that the rape of ODGJ did happen in real life and that fact was written by Han Gagas based on his experience.

Crazy People Who Are Less Crazy

Synopsis and Review Ballad of a Crazy Lover Couple

Synopsis and Review Ballad of a Crazy Lover Couple Via

Dock. Falcon Pictures

It seems, Jarot and Lastri are not so crazy. They are still very nice to talk to. Even Lastri could read and go buy books. Lastri even collects used books with popular titles, such as “Bumi Manusia” by Pramoedya Ananta Toer and “Aku” by Chairil Anwar.

Between these two lovebirds, Jarot does feel crazier. However, Jarot’s madness is still not too acute. Again, maybe the madman in this film is the author’s interpretation of sometimes crazy people can be more sane than sane people. Or maybe this crazy and less solemn impression is part of making the storyline work.

Unspoken Background

Synopsis and Review Ballad of a Crazy Lover Couple

Synopsis and Review Ballad of a Crazy Lover Couple Via
Dock. Falcon Pictures

At the beginning of the movie Crazy Couple Ballad, the audience was immediately treated to the fact that Jarot was a communist. He was imprisoned and even in a mental hospital, he was placed in a cramped solitary confinement.

However, we were never told what made Jarot the way he was. Jarot’s background is not conveyed: how can he be labeled a communist? How did he get to jail? Puzzles are not featured in this film.

Unfortunately, it also happened to Lastri. I don’t know why Lastri went crazy. Then, what is his family background? Why is he even though he is crazy but can like quality books? This factor could be due to the length of the collision. However, if we know the background of Lastri and Jarot, maybe this story will be more exciting.

The Presence of a Child Narrator that Makes a Difference

Denny Sumargo

Denny Sumargo Via
Dock. Falcon Pictures

Film Crazy Couple Ballad This is in line with the narrative that the narrator continues to read. Interestingly, the narrator is a small child. He claimed to be the son of Lastri and Jarot.

Even so, until the end of the film the narrator never appears. However, of course this is something quite unique. On end film Crazy Couple Ballad, the narrator we’ve been waiting for turns out to be part of the surprise.

High Appreciation to Denny Sumargo and Sara Fajira

This film only focuses on Jarot and Lastri. We have to appreciate how Denny Sumargo and Sara Fajira are convincing here. Densu really managed to get out of his figure which is more of a male role Cold neat. But here, everything changed. In addition to his makeup that really looks like a crazy person, this reliable basketball player is also quite animating his character.

We must also take our hats off to Sara Fajira. Sara may indeed be new to the world of acting. Previously, he had played as a zombie in the series Black and very successful.

Now, he’s so loose when it comes to playing the crazy Lastri character. Acting angry, annoyed, and laughing should be appreciated. No wonder, if after this film, Sara will be included in the list of “New Actor” at the award event.

Sara Fajira

Sara Fajira Via
Dock. Falcon Pictures

Regarding directing, we cannot deny how Anggy Umbara works on a film. Unfortunately, in this film there are some scenes that don’t really have an impact on the storyline, so our two main characters only meet in the middle of the film.

Then, there are some disturbing scenes that have no impact on the film’s storyline, such as when Jarot meets a shining figure. The effect it displays is not very subtle. The scene also passed just like that without having a strong impact.


Film Crazy Couple Ballad it doesn’t have much of a cast. So from beginning to end, we are only presented with the story of Jarot and Lastri. For those of you who are curious about this film. You can immediately go to the KlikFilm website and watch interesting stories that are rarely found. If you’ve watched, share your opinion, yes!


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