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Very Girl.ID The latest trailer for the Cinderella adaptation produced by Sony and Amazon has emerged!

FYI, Singer Camila Cabello will play the main role in this film, namely the character Ella.

This is Camila Cabello’s debut as an actress!

Besides Camila Cabello, this film also stars other big names such as Billy Porter, Idina Menzel, Pierce Brosnan, Minnie Driver, John Mulaney, James Corden, and Missy Elliot.

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Kay Cannon, the director, wrote the screenplay and directed the film into a musical drama film with a more modern setting.

Instead of showing in theaters as planned, Cinderella will be showing on a streaming app!

Cinderella will premiere on Amazon’s Prime Video service.

Previously, Cinderella was supposed to premiere in February 2021, before being pushed back to July 2021.

The uncertainty of the theater market prompted Sony to sell the film to Amazon in May 2021.

Due to this delay, little has been released from Cinderella except for a few first look images as teasers.

But now, Amazon has released the first trailer featuring Camila and Billy Porter, as well as a brief snippet of Menzel as Cinderella’s stepmother.

The teaser also gives a glimpse of the music in the upcoming film before announcing the release date of Cinderella on September 3.

Just like the original story, Cinderella will tell Ella’s desire to go to the dance wearing a beautiful dress.

When Porter’s fairy godmother appeared and asked if Ella wanted to go to the ball, she said, “Yeah, I just sang and cried about it.”

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Amazon describes Cinderella as “a new change from the classic edition” and that’s evident from the teasers that have been released.

Apart from the film’s musical elements, the star-studded cast and the eye-catching fairy godmother, all suggest that the new version of Cinderella will be more interesting. fresh of the classic version.

One of the earliest Cinderella adaptations was released in 2015 through Disney and starred Lilly James. Despite a box office success, the film was not very popular compared to other live-action studio adaptations.

Camila Cabello’s version of Cinderella seems pretty close to the classic story in terms of plot, and its success may depend on how good the songs in the film are.

Camila, Billy Porter and Idina Menzel are all singers, and what do they do?

Not to mention the popularity of Camila Cabello which will make us even more curious about the acting and soundtrack that will be delivered.

Cinderella is scheduled to premiere on September 3, 2021. While waiting for the film to premiere, check out the trailer below!

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