Reino Barack’s screams caught on camera, Syahrini reveals husband’s condition, instead of being prayed for, Netizens laugh at him: Husband is sick

image.ID – Syahrini shared the bad news about Reino Barack.

Yes, there has been no news for a long time, Syahrini suddenly shared news about Reino Barack’s health condition.

It is known, since getting married, Syahrini has often flaunted her husband through posting her social media accounts.

Almost every day Syahrini always shows off his life with Reino Barack.

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The sight of Reino Barack smiling happily and looking healthy has become the daily food of netizens.

However, Reino Barack’s condition this time really surprised netizens.

Imagine, the entrepreneur’s screams of pain were even heard in Syahrini’s social media posts.

Suddenly, Syahrini’s husband’s condition immediately became the attention of the entire virtual world.

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Yes, launching an Instagram account @princessyahrini, Sunday (8/8/2021) Syahrini has just shared news about the condition of her husband, Reino Barack.

Usually looking dashing and healthy in Syahrini’s Instagram posts, Reino Barack’s condition this time turned 180 degrees.

Even in Syahrini’s post, netizens could hear the businessman screaming in exasperation in pain.

Investigate, Reino Barack was in so much pain because he suffered an injury while boxing.

I don’t know what injury he suffered, but of course Reino Barack had to undergo physiotherapy.

While undergoing physiotherapy, Syahrini who accompanied her recorded the moment her husband grumbled in pain.

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No doubt, Reino Barack’s grumbling when he felt pain became the subject of Syahrini’s joke.

While the wife is exercising relaxing, the husband is sick in physiotherapy after boxing, the veins are wrong ahahaaaa,” said Syahrini as quoted from his Instagram post via Grid.ID, Sunday (8/8/2021).

Syahrini and Reino Barack's Instagram fan uploads.

Instagram @syrb_official

Syahrini and Reino Barack’s Instagram fan uploads.

Syahrini’s post was re-uploaded by a fan account, @syrb_official.

Suddenly, Reino Barack’s expression of pain immortalized by Syahrini drew netizen comments.

Not a few of the netizens were also amused to hear Reino Barack screaming in pain like that.

He must be spoiled to eat, he wants to be fed first, whatever he wants to be served by his beloved wife wkwkwk,” wrote one netizen.

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Yes, it’s definitely spoiled min min mr RB is really spoiled with the big baby’s wife, now she’s sick“said another netizen.

It hurts like physiotherapy, it will heal later in a spoiled kiss with my beloved wife hahaha,‘ replied another netizen.

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