Regarding the Covid-19 Vaccine Certificate as a Travel Requirement, Ganjar said it was not in line with the Sleman Regent’s expectations – The central government’s discourse to implement vaccine certificates as a condition for citizens to access public places received a response.

One of them was the Governor of Central Java, Ganjar Pranowo, who assessed that this step did not provide a sense of justice for the community.

“If everyone has to use the vaccine, the conditions are, while the vaccination is not high, then in my opinion it is unfair. How come Wong has not been vaccinated, there are still few who are vaccinated, it seems that those who have been vaccinated come first. priority to migrate. People,” he said, Monday (9/8/2021).

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The number one person in Central Java proposed to tighten the supervision of health protocols simultaneously.

However, Ganjar is also still waiting for the results of the evaluation from the central government regarding the condition of the pandemic.

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“But again we are preparing ourselves because it will depend on the evaluation of the central decision. So that later uniforms, we do not apologize for taking that action individually,” he said.

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Sleman Regent: Save the tourism sector

Sleman Regent Kustini Sri Purnomo when explaining to reporters regarding the extension of the PPKM.KOMPAS.COM/YUSTINUS WIJAYA KUSUMA Sleman Regent Kustini Sri Purnomo when explaining to reporters regarding the extension of the PPKM.

Reported from Between, Regent of Sleman Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY), Kustini Sri Purnomo said the application of a vaccine certificate would save the tourism sector.

According to him, this is a solution so that the tourism industry can survive and tourists vacation safely.

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“The tourism industry sector was almost entirely affected during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially when the government implemented restrictions on community activities (PPKM) in which all tourist destinations were temporarily closed,” said Kustini Sri Purnomo in Sleman, Thursday.

Currently, said Sri Purnomo, the Sleman Regency Government is proposing to a number of parties that the COVID-19 vaccine card can be a condition for travel.

“The proposal considers suggestions and input from tourism actors in Bumi Sembada (Sleman),” he said.

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Heroe when reviewing the prices of traders in Maluoboro, Saturday (29/5/2021) SETO PANGARIBOWO Heroe when reviewing the prices of traders in Maluoboro, Saturday (29/5/2021)

Meanwhile, Yogyakarta Deputy Mayor Heroe Poerwadi said the regulation should not only apply to tourists, but all citizens who travel.

“All trips from one city to another must carry a vaccine card and attach a swab result, so this is not only for Malioboro. Automatically travelers from anywhere who enter Yogyakarta must show it,” he said, Friday (6/8/2021). ).

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In addition, said Heroe, the policy will automatically detect residents when entering tourist areas.

“Later we will carry out monitoring efforts. So tomorrow we will also make something different when PPKM ends, we have to make a different mechanism so that people who enter can be sure to carry vaccines and antigens, “explained Heroe.

(Author: Semarang Contributor, Riska Farasonalia, Yogyakarta Contributor, Wisang Seto Pangaribowo | Editor: Dony Aprian)


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