Recommended 7 Hollywood Movies 2017 on Netflix

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Production film Hollywood does have a quality that is no doubt one of them is this 2017 film. Within a year, Hollywood films produce various genres of films with unusual stories.

In addition to a series of popular 2017 Hollywood films, namely Jumanji, The Greatest Snowman, Thor, Coco, to Annabelle, there are other film titles that are no less interesting.

Here are recommendations for 2017 Hollywood movies on Netflix that can be a reference to watch in your spare time.

1. Water Shape

Water Form.  (doc. Fox Searchlight)The Shape of Water is one of the recommended 2017 Hollywood movies that can be watched on Netflix. (Photo: doc. Fox Searchlight)

The first Hollywood film recommendation 2017 is The Shape of Water with a romantic fantasy genre directed by Guillermo del Toro.

The film stars actress Sally Hawkins as Elisa, a janitor at a secret government laboratory in Baltimore, Maryland.

Despite having hearing and speech impairments, Elisa leads a normal life. His life then changes when he tries to interact with a mysterious creature at work.

The savage humanoid amphibious creature simply melted against Elisa, until the two of them grew closer. Elisa’s feelings of love prompted her to save the creature from a laboratory test project.

2. Happy ending

Happy End is a Hollywood black comedy film directed by Michael Haneke because it brings out the dark human side of the conglomerate.

Happy End tells the story of three generations of family relationships in a business dynasty. They live in such luxury that they are not aware of the refugee crisis that surrounds them.

The situation is further complicated when a series of problems threaten the integrity of the family, ranging from infidelity to betrayal.

3. Good Time

Good timeGood Time is one of the Hollywood movie recommendations 2017. (Photo: doc. A24 via IMDb)

The next 2017 Hollywood movie recommendation is Good Time, played by Robbert Pattinson. The film, directed by Benny and Josh Safdie, carries a unique crime drama genre.

Pattinson stars as Connie Nikas, a robber who invites his mentally disabled brother, Nick, to rob a bank in New York.

The plan that initially went smoothly did not end as expected. Their presence is detected by the police and Nick is arrested. Meanwhile, Connie, who managed to escape with stolen money, tries to free her sister with a ransom.

4. Female Bird

The comedy-drama Lady Bird is written and directed by Greta Gerwig. Lady Bird is set in Sacramento, California in 2002.

Narrated Christine, a high school girl nicknamed Lady Bird who is brave and very opinionated. He enjoyed his youth full of love and the process of finding his true self, even though he often clashed with his mother.

The relationship between mother and child is described as not harmonious, even though the problem is a battle of egos due to differences in generation and point of view.

5. Ghost Story


A Ghost Story is directed by David Lowery and stars Oscar-winning actor Casey Affleck. In this A Ghost Story film, Affleck does not have dialogue and acts in a cloth hood that only shows his eyes.

Tells the story of a husband and wife who love each other who live in a small house in Dallas, Texas. They plan to move house because they often hear strange noises in the house.

Before the plan was realized, her husband, Casey, was in a car accident and died. He returns home as a ghost, trying to find and comfort his grieving wife, Mara.

But in reality he is trapped in time and forced to watch the woman he loves slowly leave him.

6. Their Best

They Finest is a romantic comedy-drama film set in the 1940s. The film, directed by Lone Scherfig, is based on the novel by Lissa Evans, Their Best Hour and Their Best Half.

The context of this film occurs when the British government seeks to encourage public perception as well as invite America to join the war to defeat Hitler in a unique way.

A Minister of Information appointed a former secretary to be involved as a screenwriter in charge of producing propaganda films.

7. Downsizing

Film DownsizingDownsizing is one of Hollywood’s 2017 movie recommendations. (Photo: Courtesy of Paramount Pictures/George Kraychyk)

The latest Hollywood movie recommendation 2017 is Downsizing. This film by Alexander Payne stars Matt Damon and Kristen Wiig who play a married couple.

The two decided to join in on a project that made their bodies smaller. After that, they are placed in a special location that looks fun.

They consider this as a solution to escape the heavy burdens of life. Instead of being happy, it turns out that the body reduction program is considered a national security threat.


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