Profile of Shirin Safira, soap opera artist Azab accused of being a Pela actor – The name Shirin Safira has recently become a hot topic of conversation along with rumors of a doomsday soap opera artist accused of stealing someone’s husband. Shirin Safira’s profile is being searched.

A netizen uploaded his story about the fate of his sister’s household which was destroyed because her husband cheated on her. Allegedly, her brother’s husband had an affair with a soap opera artist catastrophe.

From the status upload that shows someone who is suspected of being the husband and soap opera artist of the apocalypse, the public then associates it with the figure of Shirin Safira.

Shirin Shafira [Instagram]
Shirin Shafira [Instagram]

Shirin Safira’s Profile

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Shirin Safira is an FTV artist and soap opera artist Azab who was born on November 12, 1993.

Shirin has appeared on television screens by starring in various soap operas, including acting as an actor in a number of FTV and soap operas azab.

Shirin Safira [Instagram/Shirin Safira]
Shirin Safira [Instagram/Shirin Safira]

Until now, Shirin Safira has starred in 66 soap operas and FTV titles.

The artist who was born in Bogor, West Java has also starred in major soap operas such as Father’s Will, Handsome Wolf, until Pengkolan Ojek Driver.

Until now, Shirin Safira is still not married. At least until this story was compiled.

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Accused of being an actor

A resident named Osama Argubi talked about his brother’s household being disturbed by actors, aka taking other people’s wives. It is suspected that the figure of the usurper was an artist.

Shirin Safira [Instagram/Shirin Safira]
Shirin Safira [Instagram/Shirin Safira]

Osama Argubi shared that his older sister, a woman, just got married in 2019. However, this lifelong marriage was marred by accusations of infidelity.

“More than a year after getting married, my sister’s husband cheated on me,” said Osama Argubi on TikTok, Sunday (25/7/2021).

This Warganet did not mention in detail who the artist was. But he gave clues about his figure.

Doomsday soap opera artist suspected of being the actor [Instagram/@lambe_turah]
Doomsday soap opera artist suspected of being the actor [Instagram/@lambe_turah]

“My sister’s husband had an affair with the Indosiar disaster film artist,” said Osama Argubi.

“He often gets roles as an actor, and it turns out that in the real world he becomes a real actor,” he added.

This affair apparently lasted for months. Where Osama’s brother has found the evidence.

“My sister found the SMS on her husband’s cell phone while he was texting his employer. It turned out that they had been in a relationship for 6 months,” he said.

Shirin Shafira [Instagram]
Shirin Shafira [Instagram]

Osama’s brother, who found out that her husband was having an affair, immediately contacted his parents.

“My sister called my mother and aba asked to pick me up. The whole way he was crying in my lap and wouldn’t stop holding my hand,” she explained.

This hijab-wearing woman immediately registered a divorce suit with the Religious Court. Ironically, when they were not divorced, the alleged actor showed off his intimacy.

He uploaded a photo holding someone’s husband’s hand with the caption of love.

“The court hasn’t knocked, the divorce papers haven’t come out, but they always update like this,” Osama said.

FTV star Shirin Safira’s name was dragged after a TikTok resident vented the existence of a pelakor alias snatching someone’s wife.

Shirin Shafira [Instagram]
Shirin Shafira [Instagram]

As a result, netizens mention one name, Shirin Safira.

“Shirin Safira, oops. Good and very deep role. He needs to be rewarded,” said Putri.

“Shirin Safira, how are you?” ask ablo account.

“Shirin Safira, I helped spill it so I’m not curious,” Dya explained.

Until this news was uploaded, Shirin Safira had not provided any clarification regarding the allegations.


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