Profile of Regina Turner, Miss USA Finalist Who Was Caught Her Husband Involved in Prostitution – Public attention is being drawn to Regina Turner, a finalist for Miss USA 2011 who is suspected of being a Commercial Sex Worker (CSW). The public also flocked to want to know Regina Turner’s profile.

It all started when news of the divorce broke out from a renowned New York surgeon and his wife, a beauty show alumnus. The surgeon is Han Jo Kim, husband of Regina Turner.

What later became a public discussion was the reason why Han Jo Kim filed for divorce from his wife. Apparently, the surgeon claimed that his wife worked as a prostitute and charged her customers high fees.

Who really is Regina Turner? Come on, see Regina Turner’s profile below!

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Regina Turner’s Profile

Regina Turner and her husband, Kim Han Jo [Facebook]
Regina Turner and her husband, Kim Han Jo [Facebook]

Regina Turner was born in Hartford, Connecticut, United States in 1989. She is married to Dr. Han Jo Kim in 2015 when he was 26 years old.

There is not much information about her work, other than she was a Miss USA finalist in 2011. She is a Christian and studied at Lee Strassburg and Tunxis Community College majoring in dentistry. He is the son of Joyce and Jeff Turner.

Throughout her life, Regina Turner has had a wealth of experience as a dentist and volunteer in various countries. In 2011, she won the Miss Connecticut pageant which then took her to Miss USA where she made it to the final round.

On several occasions, Regina revealed that her dream since childhood was to become a dentist and teach children.

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He also wants to travel to third countries in the world and help people in need in the countries he visits. According to Regina, she is an ambitious and caring woman.

Accused of being involved in prostitution

Regina Turner and her husband, Kim Han Jo. [Facebook]
Regina Turner and her husband, Kim Han Jo. [Facebook]

Despite her image as a sweet and gentle woman, it turns out that there is a hidden scandal. This scandal was revealed when Regina Turner’s husband, Dr Han Jo Kim admitted his wife had an affair.

Han Jo Kim revealed that he found evidence of a message from a man who was allegedly his wife’s client. Even more surprising, it turns out that Regina Turner is suspected of having done it before she married Han Jo Kim.

From her job as a call woman, Regina Turner is alleged to have earned US$ 700,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 10 billion more. From the available evidence, Turner’s client is thought to have come from the upper classes.

Regina Turner is now 32 years old and is thought to still be working as a high-end prostitute. During his marriage to Han Jo Kim, he covered it up by saying goodbye to his female friends or saying he was going on a long business trip.

That’s the profile of Regina Turner who is currently in the spotlight regarding alleged prostitution. How, enough to answer your curiosity, right?

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