Prison Is Waiting For Jerinx SID, This Figure Reports Nora Alexandra’s Husband to Polda Metro Jaya

figure.ID – Jerinx SID is threatened with imprisonment again.

In fact, as is known, Nora Alexandra’s husband just breathed a sigh of relief on June 8, 2021.

After being released from prison, the drummer for Superman is Dead is known to have elbowed several public figures.

Jerinx SID accused public figures who announced they were exposed to the corona virus as part of the Covid-19 endorsement.

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As a result of his actions, Jerinx SID’s Instagram account, @jrxsid disappeared.

Regarding the disappearance of the account, Jerinx SID reportedly accused a social media activist of being the mastermind.

Social media activist is Adam Deni.

Through his Instagram account @adngrk_, Adam Deni admitted that Jerinx was verbally abused on the phone.

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Uploaded by Adam Deni

Screenshot of Instagram/@adngrk

Uploaded by Adam Deni

30 minutes ago I got a call from JRX who insulted me & accused me of deleting my JRX account,” wrote Adam Deni as a caption for the Instagram upload.

Moments after the upload went viral, Adam Deni admitted that Jerinx immediately apologized to him.

It did not end just like that, Adam Deni finally reported Jerinx on charges of threats of violence and or threats through electronic media to the Polda Metro Jaya, Saturday (10/7/2021).

Launching from Tribun Style, this was known from Adam Deni’s Instagram upload on the same day.

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In the upload, Adam Deni appears posing with the report he made.

I have reported IGA or commonly known as JRX.

Thank you @poldametrojaya for receiving my report well today,” wrote Adam Deni quoted by Tribun Style, July 11, 2021.

Adam Deni then explained his reason for reporting Jerinx.

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He admitted that the police report was his right as a citizen to report the 44-year-old man.

For some reason, I exercised my right to report to JRX.

Why not mediation? I’ve tried but no common ground, he explained.

Uploaded by Adam Deni

Screenshot of Instagram/@adngrk

Uploaded by Adam Deni

For your information, the conflict between Jerinx and Adam Deni began on July 2, 2021.

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At that time, Adam Deni asked for valid data from musicians’ statements accusing a number of public figures of accepting Covid-19 endorsements.

Then not long after that Jerinx’s Instagram account disappeared.

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