Princess Diana’s older brother, Charles Spencer, shares a family photo of his grandfather and siblings as children

Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, has shared sweet memories of his grandfather and siblings as children – and royal fans are going wild at his great aunt’s resemblance to her sister, the late Princess of Wales.

Charles, Earl Spencer, 57, took to Instagram last night to share a black and white photo of his grandfather Jack Spencer standing next to his sister Lavinia and brother Cecil in front of a large door.

The photo, taken in 1902, shows the three standing hand in hand before they head to a costume party.

But it was Lavinia who wore a white skirt and stood between the two boys who caught the most attention because of her resemblance to the young Princess Diana.

‘Don’t you think Diana looked like Lavinia’s great-aunt as a child?’ wrote one, while the second commented: ‘Beautiful! I think Diana of the same age looks like your great aunt.’

Princess Diana’s brother Charles Spencer, 57, has shared sweet memories of his grandfather and siblings as children – and royal fans are going wild for his aunt (center)’s striking resemblance to his sister, the late Princess of Wales.

People are commenting on Instagram and looking surprised at how much young Diana looks like to her great aunt. Photo, January 1, 1965

A third added: ‘In my eyes, you and your sister are similar to Lavina. Your nephew William looks like Jack. Beautiful photo!’

Alongside the post, Earl Spencer wrote: ‘Lavinia married a local aristocrat, and served the late Queen Mother as Lady In Waiting, when the Queen Mother was the Duchess of York: she and Lavinia were childhood friends.

‘Lavinia’s son Lukie played cricket for England a few times. He was a heavy smoker, and died in his mid-50s.

‘Cecil (who, like me, was born on May 20) won multiple medals as captain of the Motor Torpedo Boat in World War 1, and died at the age of 33 after being knocked out of his polo pony.

Alongside the photo, Earl Spencer wrote: ‘My grandfather, great-aunt and great-uncle – Jack, Lavinia and Cecil Spencer – went to a costume party in 1902’

Taking to the comments section, one person wrote: ‘Don’t you find that Diana as a child looked like Lavinia’s great-aunt?’ (photo)

‘I bought today the diary of the brother of the trio, George, which was written between 1918-20, and this is one of the photos of his brothers I found on the back of the book. This photo was taken at Dallington House, near @althorphouse.’

Meanwhile, in a flash, the two boys looked smart before a night out, with one of them wearing a long coat, knee-length pants.

He added some long socks, smart buckle shoes and appeared to be holding a book in his free hand.

The other wore an all black outfit with a white ruffle detail on the neck.

Another person who wrote in the comments section wrote: ‘Very nice photo. It’s great to have and see the family likeness.’

The second commented: ‘Your great aunt looks like Diana. What a history.’

Another person commented: ‘Beautiful! I think Diana at the same age looks like your great aunt’ (pictured)

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