Previously selling well, starring in FTV and becoming the idol of many people, this artist is now swerving into a fried food seller in order to survive. – Do you remember this figure?

Yes, he is Malvino Fajaro.

In the past he often acted in many FTV.

However, not only FTV, Malvino has also played in soap operas and feature films.

Like, the film Nyai Ahmad Dahlan, the soap opera Here There is Love, Oh Turns, and others.

However, unfortunately now Malvino’s face no longer adorns the screen.

Investigate the investigation, it is now revealed that Malvino sells fried food for a living.

News of Malvino selling fried food

In the past, Malvino did have a smooth career.

Every time FTV is broadcast, Malvino’s face is always present.

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However, now he no longer plays FTV.

Even though he rarely appears on the small screen, it seems that Malvino still often shares his life on his Instagram social media @malvinofajaro.

Malvino with Family

Malvino with Family

Yes, apparently now Malvino is living happily with his little family.

It is known that Malvino is married to Inne Azri.

Inne Azri is also an artist who plunged into the world of acting.

The two are known to have married in 2010.

From their marriage, they are now blessed with a beautiful daughter.

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Not only often share portraits of himself with his little family.

Malvino also often shares his photos with his daughter.

Like the photo seen below.

Malvino's closeness with Putri

Malvino’s closeness with Putri

Malvino was seen traveling to spend time with his daughter.

Malvino’s fatherly aura is also seen where his hands seem to keep the princess walking.

Not only that, he also wrote a funny caption on his upload.

In the photo, both of them look cool in their respective clothes.

Even though he has become a father, Malvino’s appearance still looks good, right?

No longer playing FTV, now Malvino seems to have other activities.

From our observation (20/06/21), it seems that Malvino is busy with his hobby.

Yes, apparently Malvino is now busy with his hobby of shooting.

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Malvino's Current Hobby

Malvino’s Current Hobby

In fact, several times he often shared photos of himself practicing shooting.

In the photo, Malvino looks cool with the gun he is holding.

Even with sunglasses, she looks prettier.

If you look like an action actor, right?

No longer appearing on the screen, of course, must make Malvino rack his brain.

Yes, because he has to earn a living to support his family.

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Investigate, it turns out that now Malvino chooses to sell fried foods.

However, the fries are not like the fried brother on the side of the road, right!

Apparently Malvino is now selling french fries at the moment.

French fries for sale by Malvino

French fries for sale by Malvino

Like the photo above, Malvino is seen holding his fried food.

There are bakwan and crispy tofu, who likes this?

In fact, he also often promotes his wares on Instagram.

French fries for sale by Malvino

French fries for sale by Malvino

However, it turns out that it’s not just bakwan and crispy tofu.

It turns out that Malvino also sells contemporary fried bananas sprinkled with various toppings.

Wow, it turns out that Malvino’s fries are really tempting, right?

This article once aired on delicious food, the title used to be famous until it played with many FTV titles, now the latest news is revealed by Malvino Fajaro who turned his back on selling fried food so he could make a living

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