Ordinary people can’t? I’m Platinum!

Grid.ID – The figure of Syahrini is known to have a spoiled and soft speech style.

Yes, Reino Barack’s wife does have her own characteristics that make many people remember her.

Syahrini is even considered a friendly person in the eyes of his family and colleagues.

But just like humans in general, Syahrini can also explode with anger.

Before meeting with Reino Barack, Syahrini was in the spotlight for hacking at the airport.

The angry video of the former duet partner Anang Hermansyah can still be found on the YouTube social media platform.

As quoted by Figure.ID, Wednesday (30/6/2021), Syahrini seemed furious with the treatment of airport officials against him.

One of the reasons was that he was not allowed to use the VIP waiting room.

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Syahrini did not hesitate to voice his frustration.

Quoted from Youtube The Princess Syahrini, the story began when Syahrini was at an event in Surabaya.

After returning from Surabaya, he had to immediately fill the wedding ceremony in Medan.

So, Syahrini had to try the Surabaya – Jakarta – Medan flight.

However, at the Jakarta airport, he admitted that he was not treated well.

Investigate, Syahrini’s plane was delayed for 4 hours so Syahrini had to wait a long time.

“It’s crazy that the airline management is very unprofessional, I am very angry. I’m upset. I waited 4 hours at the airport. Even though he said the plane was okay, it was there. Only the crew and pilot did not fly. ,” complained Syahrini.

He clearly admitted that he was very angry because his trip to Medan did not go smoothly.

Syahrini angry at airport staff staf

Youtube : Putri Syahrini

Syahrini angry at airport staff staf

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Syahrini then mentioned the question of ordering a private jet which cannot be done instantly.

He said he felt sorry for his client who was waiting in Medan.

“Then if I have to order a private jet. Do you think that private jets can suddenly exist immediately, do you have any ancestors?”

“Yes, you can’t, you have to book the day before. Yes, I’m emotional today. That’s right, I’m angry,” he said excitedly.

It didn’t stop there, Syahrini also complained about the VIP waiting room that was not given to him.

He even mentioned his Platinum status.

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“Then the most ridiculous thing is, I used to wait in the cinema hall, you know. I never asked for a VIP room, he said the VIP room was for ministers, officials, presidents.”

“Then I said ‘Can’t an ordinary person?’ Then I’m platinum here and often ride your airline. After all, it’s not my fault, but your airline,” said Syahrini.

The airline insisted on following the rules and could not accept Syahrini’s request.

But fortunately, in the end Syahrini was given permission to fill the empty VIP room.

However, he is still disappointed with the airline regulations, which according to Syahrini are convoluted.

Meanwhile, it is known that the upload was broadcast by Syahrini through his YouTube on January 19, 2018.

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