Not a single artist was present at the funeral of this veteran artist, his body was actually escorted by a number of men in uniform – All Pages – The fate of this senior artist is really sad and heartbreaking.

He died alone and with nothing.

In fact, none of the artists were present at the funeral.

Yes, surely many still remember the figure of Laila Sari.

The works and services of this 3rd era artist are so many for the Indonesian entertainment world

Laila Sari passed away in November 2017 and was buried in the Karet Bivak public cemetery, Central Jakarta, the next day.

Quoting Wartakota, the ambulance carrying Laila was accompanied by hundreds of motorcycle taxi drivers.

Dozens of motorcyclists in black, green and gray stripes parked their motorbikes near the ambulance, which then helped lift Laila’s body to her grave which is about 100 meters from the ambulance.

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Not only delivering, but hundreds of motorcycle taxi drivers following the funeral process to completion.

Then, online motorcycle taxis are also still at Laila’s grave, after the funeral process is complete and the family has returned to their respective homes.

Unlike other artists, at the funeral of a senior artist whose full name is Nur Laila Sari Jahrotuljannah, no artist was present.

At least, celebrities are often wara-wiri on the small screen today.

Some even mention the presence of old comedy artists.

But no one knows him either.

In her old age, Laila is still actively working and is the breadwinner of the family.

It is very unlikely that there is an artist today who does not know this veteran comedian.

Or at least, the comedian who was his current junior.

It is also not seen that the deceased took him to his final resting place.

Hundreds of online motorcycle taxi drivers take the body of senior artist Laila Sari to the funeral

Arie Puji Waluyo/Wartakota

Hundreds of online motorcycle taxi drivers take the body of senior artist Laila Sari to the funeral

Concerns were actually shown by a number of online motorcycle taxi drivers.

They escorted Laila’s body from the funeral home to the cemetery to carry her coffin.

Online motorcycle taxi drivers don’t only come from areas near Laila’s house.

Those who live far from the funeral home are willing to come specifically to deliver and pay their last respects to the senior artist.

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It’s really sad, considering that Laila’s gait is so big in the entertainment world in Indonesia.

At least 26 film titles have starred. Unfortunately, this gait did not get the attention of Indonesian entertainment activists.

Laila Sari’s body was apparently buried in a hole with her husband, M Iskandar Bin Bunyamin, who died on October 21, 1998.

Laila Sari’s relative, Linda explained that one grave with her husband was not a request from the rock-voiced woman.

“It was deliberately made one grave, because the grave is full. So we decided to make one grave, so everyone is here,” said Linda.

Laila Sari died at her residence at Jalan Bdila 1, No. 1, RT 003/004, Tangkiwood, Mangga Besar, West Jakarta Monday (20/11/2017) at around 19.50 WIB.

Laila died allegedly due to exhaustion after returning home from Net TV, taking her unpaid money.

Before dying, Laila experienced shortness of breath and finally breathed her last.

Almost two years later, Laila Sari died, leaving behind an ironic and heartbreaking story.

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As long as his life was spent entertaining people, no other artist was even present at his funeral at the time.

It seems impossible if no one knows a person who has been active in the entertainment world for a long time.

Plus until the second he was about to die he still took the time to shoot.


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