No wonder the friendship was destroyed, it turns out that the contents of the recording of Nindy Ayunda insulting Olla Ramlan, the full duration of up to 3 hours! Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing?

figure.ID – Nindy Ayunda and Olla Ramlan’s friendship is in danger of being destroyed, after a recording emerged that vilified Aufar Hutapea’s wife.

It is known, babysitter Nindya Ayunda secretly recorded Nindy’s conversation with her mother.

In the recording, Nindy is said to have slandered Olla Ramlan.

The contents of the recording that caused a conflict between Nindy and Olla suddenly made netizens curious.

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When present as a guest star at the Hotman Paris Show, Olla also gave directions regarding the contents of the recording.

The thing that made Olla very angry was because Nindy, her best friend, accused her of having a boyfriend.

Even though Nindy knows very well that Olla and Aufar are still husband and wife.

Reported from GridFame.ID, Olla said Nindy intended to meet with him to discuss the recording.

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But it looks like that meeting hasn’t happened yet.

“What’s on the tape? What we hear in the media says your friend (Nindy) is talking to her mother, uh Ma, Si Olla is cheating on her,” Hotman Paris investigated, reported figure.ID, Friday (16/7/2021).

Olla corrected Hotman Paris’s words. According to him, Nindy was not accusing him of cheating, but accusing him of having a girlfriend.

“Wrong, dating. ‘Olla has a boyfriend,’. Instead of playing games, Bang Hotman will find out what’s in it,” said Olla Ramlan.

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Hotman then emphasized his question.

“I want clarification from him, is it true that the contents of the recording are like that?” asked Hotman.

But Hotman’s question was greeted by Olla’s anger. He was heard raising his voice.

“If it’s true, I’m not angry! It’s very knowledgable!” exclaimed Olla Ramlan.

However, the point of Hotman’s question is not the fact that Olla is dating, but whether or not a statement like that came out of Nindy Ayunda’s mouth.

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“What I am asking is not the truth, but what is said in the recording, is it true?” asked the famous lawyer again.

“That’s true,” said Olla.

“Actually not,” he added.

Olla deeply regrets Nindy’s attitude in making a statement without investigating the truth.

“But he’s my best friend, but he said it was a statement.”

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The closeness of Olla Ramlan and Nindy Ayunda


The closeness of Olla Ramlan and Nindy Ayunda

“It’s not like this, Melanie is going out, right? But if Melanie has been in a relationship for a long time, how can Melanie have branded goods, diamonds, these are all kinds of things if they are not dating. this, like that,” explained Olla giving an example of a case.

Even more surprising, this recording of Nindy Ayunda’s voice lasted approximately three hours.

Olla said that he was not the only target for Nindy’s gift to his mother, but also Nindy Ayunda’s other colleagues.

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“According to Bang Hotman, he just told me. Three hours of recording! I’m not the only one being talked about,” explained Olla.

“All I have are my recordings. Well, I also listened to other recordings that my friends were talking about,” he admitted.

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